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Oriental Buffet

My family never gets sick of buffets. On a recent trip home, we went to check out Oriental Buffet, a place that both of my brothers love and have been talking about non-stop.

They both really love it because on their first visit, it was very empty and they got tons of lobster to themselves. They also really like the sushi and the sashimi.

Dinner was $18.95 per person. Given the price, I was very surprised to see a good selection of sashimi, sushi and cooked foods. They also have eight different flavors of ice cream for dessert. The place was still pretty empty though, so I’m not sure how well this restaurant will survive.

Here is some of the food we got:

There was a pretty big selection of sushi and sashimi and the quality was pretty good. Sometimes, buffets serve raw fish I’m afraid to eat, but the selection here was fresh enough that I wasn’t afraid of getting sick.

Snow Crab legs


You could watch the steak being cooked. It was surprisingly tender and not overcooked.

Big clam. This was probably the biggest disappointment. It was very bland. I don’t quite know how they cooked it to make it so bland.

Cooked lobster
There was cooked lobster and crab mixed together. My mom was a pro at getting the plates of lobster. Some of the lobster meat was mushy, indicating that the lobsters were dead before cooking, but others tasted fine.

Some cooked foods. I really like the string beans.

Red bean soup

Ice cream. I love ice cream. I had three bowls worth. Unfortunately, the flavors were very artificial and too sweet. Here is green tea:

Vanilla and mango

Cookies and cream and more green tea

I thought the food was decent for the price, with a good selection of items. The service was quick to clear our plates and fill our water cups. Given how empty the place was though, I’m not sure how much longer Oriental will be around for.

Oriental Buffet
780 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 985-9988

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