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Other Foods I’m Eating- Loquats!

On my recent trip home, I was excited to see that my mom’s loquat tree had a few fruits that were already ripe and ready to eat. Usually I miss my mom’s loquats, as I’m not usually home when they ripen and they don’t last very long. I don’t usually see loquats at the supermarket, but I often see the trees in people’s yards in California.

The trees grow pretty big and tall and bear a lot of fruit.

The fruits grow on delicate, fuzzy branches that break easily.

When the fruits are ripe, they turn a yellow-orange and have a fuzzy skin.

The fruits can be eaten two ways.  You can either peel off the skin, which comes off pretty easily and bite into it, eating around the seeds.  I used to eat it this way, but don’t eat it this way any longer because the flesh of the fruit stains your skin.  After eating loquats, I find my nails and my fingertips are brown and it takes a few days to get off.  Very annoying.

Now, I slice then in half, take out the seeds, and eat around the skin.  The fruits are pretty small, with the seeds taking up most of the fruit.  Loquats have different amount of seeds which is interesting.  Some have one, some have two, some have three.

The flesh is sweet and soft. I recommend washing your hands immediately after eating the loquats in order to avoid stains on your hands.

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11 comments on “Other Foods I’m Eating- Loquats!”

  1. Funny… I came across your post because I googled “does loquat stain your skin”. I will try out the non-peeling method as I currently have to peel them for myself AND 2 kids. Btw I just tried your brownie mochi recipe recently and loved it!

  2. Great to know that they can stain the skin, l had a bit of them once, and have been looking for them. Hope to find a plant for myself.

  3. Hi, thank you for the information and how to eat them. Loquat in back yard is 15 ft high and covered with fruit. Just turning yellow. We are just buying this home and looking forward to the loquat tree

    • happy to help! hope you enjoy the fruit!

      • I have a simple, easy, DELICIOUS recipe for LOQUAT JAM.
        Let me know if you want it. Making the jam, from picking the fruit to loading the jars with the hot, freshly made jam, is labor intensive, but the jam is beyond delicious!

      • thank you for the kind offer. I haven’t had enough loquats to make jam in a few years though, unfortunately.

  4. Hi Jasmine- I don’t have any of the fruit anymore. Sorry! I got it from my mom’s garden when I went to visit her house. Where are you located? I know a lot of the farmer’s markets around me sell the fruit. Perhaps there are ones around you that sell it as well.

  5. i have been looking for that fruit. would you being willing to share. i can buy it.

  6. Hi Jessica, I’m glad I could be of help! I didn’t know the English name for the longest time either. In chinese they are called pi-pa (kind of a funny, cute name).

  7. OMG Ive been dying to know what those are called in English! I lived in the middle east and loved those, but could never find the translation. Thanks!