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OXO Giveaway

Recently I was provided with a set of OXO LockTop containers.

I was pretty excited. I’m a big fan of OXO kitchen gadgets and have various ones in my house like the apple divider, peeler, mango splitter, just to name a few. Basically when in doubt, I usually by OXO brand because I’ve been happy with the quality of their products.

What really intrigued me with these containers is that they are leak proof. I’ve tried dozens of different food storage containers: screw tops, airtight locking ones, etc. They always leak. Even a slight nanosecond tilt will lead to leakage. So I was eager to test these out.

And it works! They really are leak proof. I tested it out with some coffee. The little mini ones don’t hold much, but I used two to store my coffee for the day. I usually use a travel mug, but it always leaks if I walk to fast or if I’m juggling a bunch of stuff in my hands.

Then I stuck them in my purse. Because I was cautious, I put them in some ziploc bags. And when I arrived to work, they were fine! Not a single drop of liquid came out. I was so impressed. I tried running around with them jostling in my purse, shaking them upside down. Completely dry. I don’t know how they do it. The containers have a double lock mechanism that didn’t look particularly special, but it works. And it’s not any additional trouble to put the lid on. You just press down to close like you would any other regular container.

I immediately went online so I could purchase some more. These containers are a little more pricey than average food storage containers, but they are also meant to last much longer. They are BPA free too.

If you want to try out some of these containers before investing in your own set, you can have a chance with my giveaway. OXO had provided me with one extra set of containers to give away to one lucky reader. The winner will receive four mini LockTop containers and one medium (6.3 cups) LockTop container.

The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm on May 18, 2012. Please note this giveaway is only open to readers with a US mailing address. To enter, please leave a comment at the end of this post letting me know what you would store in the mini containers (I’m fishing for ideas here because other than using a couple for coffee and maybe some sauce I don’t quite know what to do with the little ones). For an additional entry, follow me on either Twitter or Facebook, and leave an additional comment telling me you’ve done so (or if you already do, tell me so). Good luck!

Please note, I was provided with a free set of OXO containers to review and one set to give away. I was not compensated for this review and my opinions are my own.


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86 comments on “OXO Giveaway”

  1. Followed on Facebook!

  2. This set is ideal for a lunches. Smaller containers for salad dressings or dips and larger one great for leftovers or even a salad.

  3. These would be the perfect size to put my daughter’s baby formula in when we travel. Spill proof.

  4. The small containers would be great to store fish sauce or other dipping sauces in your packed lunch bag!

  5. I’d store things I have “leftover” when making a recipe. Like chicken broth, tomato paste, chipotle peppers, and so on. Often I use only half a can of something (like above items) and then I could freeze it.
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  6. I would use this to take salad dressing and small items like raisins, cottage cheese, etc. to work with me. Thank you.

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