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Pandan agar jelly

Continuing with my experiment with pandan flavored desserts, I decided to make some pandan flavored agar jelly.  I buy my agar jelly from Ranch 99.  It comes in a powder form and is in a box like this:

From this base, you can make different flavors of agar jelly.  I followed the instructions to make the agar jelly and then added in two teaspoons of pandan extract flavor and mixed it into the liquid agar.  Then I poured it into a large glass baking pan and put it in the fridge to let it firm up (takes approximately 2 hours).  I wasn’t sure how to serve my pandan jelly after and I decided to serve it like almond tofu (which is basically agar jelly with almond powder flavoring).  You can read my post about almond tofu here.

Almond tofu is traditionally served with canned fruit cocktail.  I cut the pandan jelly into small cubes.  I opened up a can of fruit cocktail, and poured it and mixed it with my pandan jelly.  I also added some nata de coco, something I love having when I eat almond tofu.


The end result was a nice refreshing light dessert.  The pandan jelly did turn some of the fruits a bit green, but other than that, it tasted great.  The dessert is best served cold and leftovers should be refrigerated.

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6 comments on “Pandan agar jelly”

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  3. heehee. I guess the agar jellies do look a bit like cucumbers.

  4. are you talking about the shaved ice you had at the Indonesian restaurant? because that looked yummy…I love shaved ice!

  5. I thought it was some cucumber salad! Kekkekeke…

  6. hi kirbie – i love agar agar jelly! your dessert reminded me of one we recently had, except it had the agar agar jelly, jackfruit and palm nuts and was topped with shaved ice and condensed milk. kind of like filipino halo halo but not in a glass.
    i still have my pandan extract and will try using one of your recipes this week (cookies or muffins).

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