Pangea Bakery Cafe Revisit

It’s been a while since I posted on Pangea Bakery. Pangea specializes in Taiwanese style breads. Traditionally, bakeries in Taiwan are full of super soft, fresh baked breads. There are usually a lot of variety, both sweet and savory and fresh breads are baked several times a day.

I previously did a post shortly after Pangea opened. At the time, the bread selection was a little sparse. After reading several posts by CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, I thought it was time for a revisit.

I noticed a few changes since my last visit a few months ago. First, the selection of breads and pastries have greatly improved. No longer are their empty shelves. Instead, the shelves are packed with different breads, cookies and other pastries. There must have been around 30 variations.

Another thing I noticed is that they improved their cake selection. Previously they had a small cake display, but it was kind of sad looking. Now they have a refrigerated display in the middle of the bread section that contains quite a few beautiful whole cakes and individual cake slices. Another thing I noticed was the increase in drink offerings. There are now quite a few coffees and flavored teas. Finally, I also noticed an improvement on the service. The owner was very friendly and willing to let people sample the breads before purchasing.

I didn’t take any pictures of the inside, you can look at my previous post for some shots of the interior. I bought a large selection of breads and some cakes and photographed them before digging in.

FH chose this chocolate dessert. This chocolate dessert looked so tasty and was in the cake display. I was imagining something more rich, but the inside was actually a very light chocolate sponge cake. FH thought it didn’t taste as decadent as it looked. It tasted good, but I agree; it wasn’t the rich dessert I was expecting. One thing that did disappoint me was the cookie egg roll on top was all mushy from sitting in the refrigerated area.

I chose this mango pudding cake slice. When they packaged it, the frosting on top got completely smashed. I liked how soft and light the cake was. The custard pudding was pretty good too.

One of the new breads I noticed were these milk breads. They taste and look very similar to the milk breads I’ve made. They have whole loaves and smaller slices. This one with the almonds on top have raisins inside. They also have just plain milk ones with no filling.

Another new product were these croissants brushed with honey. FH really loved these. I thought the croissants weren’t okay, but not as buttery and flaky as the French croissants I usually enjoy.

Here’s a display of my other breads. The far left one has a red bean filling and black sesames on the outside. The one with the swirl is a buttermilk filling if I remember correctly. The one on the far right is filled with custard. In the back, the one on the right was so pretty. It was called a pecan souffle. It looks like a souffle but it actually was a soft cake inside with chocolate chips. I really liked it. Finally the back left one is the plain milk bread.

I’m impressed with the improvements at Pangea Bakery. The breads still aren’t as great as the ones I get from the bakeries in LA and Irvine, but I’m still glad they opened in San Diego.

You can read posts by CC here, here and here.

Pangea Bakery
4689 Convoy St Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 560-0688
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  1. hi kirbie – yes, they seem to have more variety. I like their blueberry cream cheese rolls and the hot dog bread. the ladies there are so nice!

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