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Petit Trois

photo of the outside of Petit TroisPetit Trois is a cozy bar offering classic French fare, headed by Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Located in Los Angeles, it is the more casual counterpart to Trois Mec (which is located next door).

photo of the kitchen at Petit Trois

I’ve been wanting to experience Chef Ludo’s cooking ever since his popular pop-up restaurant days and was thrilled when he finally settled into some permanent restaurant spaces. Trois Mec has been high on my to-eat list, but it’s only open on the weekdays, so I haven’t had a chance to dine there yet. Petit Trois though, is open seven days a week. After watching the restaurant featured on the Los Angeles episode of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having on a Friday night, we suddenly found ourselves there the next day.
photo of baguettes
The restaurant space is quite intimate. There are a few seats at the bar and a few table alongside the back wall. We were able to grab two seats at the bar for a late lunch, which also gave us perfect viewing of everything being cooked too.

OMELETTE Boursin pepper cheese, chives
photo of a OMELETTE with Boursin pepper cheese, and chives
Whenever I watch Chef Ludo on tv, he is almost always demonstrating how to make an omelette. I confess, I never knew the proper technique for making an omelette until I saw him make one and I’ve been wanting to try his omelettes ever since, so of course I have to order this.
overhead photo of the OMELETTE
The eggs are cooked in a generous amount of butter at low heat, with the eggs constantly being stirred so that they don’t settle and overcook. The end result is an incredibly fluffy, buttery, and decadent omelette.
photo of the omelet sliced in half
You can view a video of him making it here. And you can get the his recipe here.

BIG MEC double cheeseburger
photo of the BIG MEC double cheeseburger
This is inspired by the American cheeseburger. Can you see why we felt compelled to order this? This was one of the juiciest burgers we’ve ever eaten, featuring two prime beef patties, wine bordelaise sauce, garlic aioli, caramelized onions, American cheese, on a toasted brioche bun.

Clarified Butter Frites
photo of Clarified Butter Frites
Of course we couldn’t have a burger without fries!

CONFIT-FRIED CHICKEN LEG brioche butter, frisée salad
overhead phot of CONFIT-FRIED CHICKEN LEG with brioche butterand frisée salad
We’ve heard really great things about their desserts, but I was eyeing this dish all throughout our meal and we decided we might as well go for it even though we had quite a few other stops planned for our LA food crawl. And I’m so glad we did because this was my favorite dish from our meal.
close-up photo of CONFIT-FRIED CHICKEN LEG
The slow cooked fried chicken leg was light, tender, crispy, moist, buttery– all at the same time. I savored every bite and didn’t quite want to share my plate.

Overall, we had a very satisfying first meal here and hope to eventually return to try out Trois Mec. A few things to note: The restaurant does not take reservations, so there is often a wait during peak dining hours. They also automatically include an 18% service charge on the bill. We would definitely come back.

Petit Trois
718 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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