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Philz Coffee La Jolla

Philz Coffee, the very popular coffee chain originally from San Francisco, opened a second location in San Diego last week. This new location is in The Shops at La Jolla Village (which also houses the new Snooze).
overhead photo of two coffee drinks at Philz Coffee La Jolla

It’s always easy to identify people who are visiting Philz for the first time because they look so lost and confused. So for this post, I want to give a little more background on the coffee chain.
photo of the outside of Philz Coffee La Jolla
Philz differentiates from most coffee shops because it only serves drip coffee and the coffee is brewed one cup at a time. You won’t find any espresso based coffee drinks here, but Philz does offer more than twenty different coffee blends and has drink specialties like their signature Mint Mojito, Mocha Tesora and more.
photo of the menu at Philz Coffee La Jolla
photo of the menu at Philz Coffee La Jolla
Philz also stands out because of their customer service. Rather than giving your order to a cashier, you step in front of a friendly barista who can help you choose a blend, takes your order and your preferences for adding sugar and cream. The most popular way people like their coffee here is sweet & creamy. Philz uses a manufacturing cream that is richer than the typical coffee creamer, giving the coffee a wonderful richness to it. I especially like sweet and creamy for the iced versions of the coffee as you can actually see the swirls of cream on top.
photo of the bar where orders are placed
After you place your order, you’re free to wander or sit down to wait. When your drink order is ready, the barista will call out the drink order and then you go up and get your order. They ask you to taste it first to see if it meets your satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, you make your way over to the cashier and tell the cashier what you ordered and pay for it. It’s a very casual payment structure as they don’t direct you to pay right away, so you can take a few photos of your drink, take your drink to your table, etc, and then go pay.
photo of the dining area

Our go-to orders are the Iced Mint Mojito and Mocha Tesora (both medium sweet & creamy).

However, on this last visit I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and tried an Iced Philtered Soul as it is a favorite drink of a lot of the baristas (the baristas have a chalkboard stating their name and favorite drink). Also the drink is described as having chocolate and hazelnut flavors, so of course I was interested!
photo of an Iced Philtered Soul
I enjoyed the Philtered Soul and will be adding it to our rotation of drink orders here.

Philz also offers a selection of baked goods, bagels and avocado toasts. We had already eaten so we didn’t get any food on this visit.

Overall, I’m excited that Philz has opened in La Jolla. Their first location in Encinitas was a little far for me but this location is much closer. We enjoy the unique coffee blends Philz has to offer and relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can see a few more photos of coffee drinks and food from my previous post of the Encinitas location.

Philz Coffee
8849 Villa La Jolla Dr #307, San Diego, CA 92037

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  1. I went to BJ’s for lunch with friend and wanted Peets afterwards. We were sad to see Peets gone (this was weeks ago). Someone walking by said they closed down b/c Philz was moving in a few doors down. So we’re hoping to try this coffee shop when we’re in the area again. I love cold mojito coffee drinks so that’ll be the one I’ll try .

  2. I absolutely love the mint mojito drink!

  3. I’ll have to visit tbis place during the break! I am interested in the Tesoro drink!

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