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Porto’s Bakery

3614 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 846-9100

Porto’s Bakery has been on my radar for a while.  It’s a large, popular Cuban bakery that sells a huge selection of baked goods for very low prices. I read great review of Porto’s from Gastronomy and Eileen Likes to Eat. Even my mom has tried Porto’s. Apparently someone brought some to her work and she emailed me about it, saying I should try it next time I’m in LA.

Unfortunately, Porto’s is quite far away and has not been near any of the places I visited on my recent LA trips. Finally, I had a chance to visit Porto’s this past weekend. Porto’s has two locations, the original one in Glendale and now a second location in Burbank, which is the one I visited.

The bakery is quite big and once inside, I was overwhelmed by the number of baked goods. It was incredible how many baked goods they offered and the massive amount of quantities left despite the fact that the place was incredibly busy with long lines. The popularity of this bakery reminded me of 85 C in Irvine.

I wanted to try everything. Though it really wasn’t possible as there were maybe a hundred different things to try.  The prices were so low that I left with three boxes of goods. Almost everything was priced at between $1-$2, a refreshing change from the usual prices I’m accustomed to at bakeries. Luckily I had people coming over the next day to share all the pastries with.

While the lines are long, they move fast and the staff is efficient. There is also plenty of tables to dine at inside and outside.

I won’t describe everything I bought. Here is a shot of each box of stuff.

The savory box contained potato balls,chicken croquette and meat pies. I really liked the potato balls and the chicken croquette.  The potato ball was crispy and breaded on the outside, with a layer of mashed potatoes and then a chili filling.  It was slightly spicy and absolutely delicious!

Normally I’m not a big fan of danishes, but Cuban bakeries are known for their danish-like pastires, so I figured I would try a few.  The cheese rolls, and the guava and cheese ones are very popular here, so I got a few of those. I also got a sweet croissant, an apple turnover, a slice of crumb cake and a coconut ball.

Despite not loving danishes, I enjoyed the guava and cheese roll and the cheese roll.  They weren’t too sweet and the pastry layer wasn’t too oily.

My last box was filled with lots of pretty individual cakes. My favorite was the mango mousse, the fruit tart and the mango cheesecake. I thought the red velvet cupcake was a little dry. I also didn’t love the eclair.  The little chocolate cake was intensely chocolate and was more like a chocolate mousse.  I preferred the three layered chocolate mousse which was lighter and not as sweet.

I wish this bakery was closer to me. I would definitely pay it a visit often. Especially for the potato balls, croquette, fruit tart and mango mousse.

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10 comments on “Porto’s Bakery”

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  3. I’d be there all the time if it were closer to me, so I guess I should be thankful it isn’t

  4. Aw, you’re not a fan? I think it’s kind of hard to compare to chinese/japanese bakeries..Different types of stuff being sold. And I really liked how cheap Porto’s is.

  5. Can’t beat those prices, either. Good thing that bakery isn’t closer to me or I’d be 300 pounds! 😉

  6. Still don’t get Portos. It’s cheap for American patisserie standards, but the quality is so freakin’ low compared to a typical Japanese/Chinese bakeries it’s sad.

  7. Oooh, you must try!!! It’s wonderful. And the lines move fast. Seems like a great place to eat lunch too.

  8. I would totally visit every week if it were closer. The potato ball sandwich sounds yummy. Do you have any recommendations or your favorite goods here? And how much of the dessert case did you get through?

  9. I still haven’t been to Porto’s either but everyone raves about it. I hear they have some good Cuban sandwiches too.

  10. I love Portos! When I used to live in Burbank, I would go there once a week. My main motto was try to eat through the entire dessert case. There is even a potato ball sandwich. Looking at it is making me drool…