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Power of fruit (product review)

I’ve been a bit behind on posts, so this review has taken quite a bit longer to get out than I wanted. About a month ago, I was contacted by the owner of a new product called “Power of Fruit” and he offered to send me some samples of the new product.

Since I love freebies, I readily agreed. A few days later, I came home from work to find a box on my doorstep.  Inside the box, I was surprised to find three boxes of the Power of Fruit product, well packaged in a thermal container and ice, so that my fruit bars were still perfectly frozen despite the late hour and warm temperature.

These frozen desserts come in three flavors: original, banana berry and tropical. Inside each box were eight individual snack sized servings. The packaging is similar to that of the yogurt on the go sticks. It’s a small tube, wrapped in plastic. You simply tear the top and then bite into it, and then push the remaining fruit bar up from the bottom.

I could tell that there were no added sugars or corn syrup from the taste. Eating it, it tasted of pieces of fruit and fruit juiced mixed together. It didn’t taste artificially sweetened at all.

I think these little treats make a great healthy snack. It’s a great product to give to kids because its gets them to eat fruit, while letting them feel like they are eating a popsicle. It’s also great for adults who want to eat healthy. What I like most about these is that while you are eating fruit, the frozen fruit bar form makes you feel like you are eating a “treat” or “dessert” rather than just eating regular fruit.

My favorite of these was the original, which has a mix of various berries. I definitely tasted a lot of cherry and blueberry bits. I’ve enjoyed snacking on these frozen treats since getting them last month.

Their website provides a lot more information such as nutrition facts and where you can find the product.  You can visit them at

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