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Purple Sweet Potato Rice

When I go home, my mom often makes sweet potatoes or yams with the steamed rice she cooks. This is a traditional Taiwanese way to serve rice. Sometimes, the sweet potatoes or yams are also cooked with rice porridge/congee.

The sweet potatoes and yams add a small sweetness to the rice. I love sweet potatoes so I really enjoy it mixed with my rice. My favorite sweet potato are purple sweet potatoes. I've been trying to find different things to purple sweet potatoes, so I thought about making it with rice like my mom does.

I thought the dark, vibrant purple would look great mixed with rice. You can cook the sweet potatoes with the rice at the same time. Usually my mom just puts it on the top of the rice as she is cooking it. I cut the purple sweet potatoes into cubes before placing them on top of the rice.

Mixing the sweet potatoes with the rice, I can eat this bowl all by itself without needing anything else to go with the rice.

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6 comments on “Purple Sweet Potato Rice”

  1. I lived in Taiwan 10 years ago and frequently ordered rice with yams at restaurants. (I am from the US). This blog is the only reference I have found that refers to this dish or how to make it. Thank you for posting, I’ll try it tonight! Great way to get some more veggies.

  2. purple potato is my favourite of all

  3. I guess purple sweet potatoes are hard to find. That’s too bad. Your vegetables idea sounds good though, or you could use regular yams/sweet potatoes.

  4. this is such a great idea! i wish we had purple sweet potatoes here on the east coast. next time I make rice, I’ll try to slice some vegetables and put them on top to cook ’em!

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