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photo of a dish served at Sagatani
Sagatani is a small shop in Tokyo known for their soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles). The prices are very cheap , starting out at 290 yen (around $2.50) and it’s open 24 hours.
photo of the outside of Sagatani

During this second trip to Japan, we really wanted to focus on all the cheap eats we didn’t have time to try the first time around. We loved that this place is open 24 hours so we were able to pop in for “breakfast” while we were still adjusting to the time change.
photo of a display at Sagatani
photo of the inside of Sagatani

The restaurant space is quite small. When you walk in, they have an English menu with recommendations and instructions for ordering. The actual vending machine to purchase your order does not have any English, but you can match the prices and characters from the English menu to help you order. It was quite cramped so we didn’t have much room to back up to take these photos:
photo of the menu Sagatani
photo of a sign explaining how to order
photo of the ordering machine
Once you’ve placed your order, you present it to the kitchen window. Then you choose a seat and wait for your order to be called.

Traditional Cold Soba with Soybean Sauce
Traditional Cold Soba with Soybean Sauce
A basic, traditional cold soba with soybean sauce for dipping will set you back a mere 290 yen (around $2.50).
cold soba
This was light and tasty. The noodles were quite slurp-able and it was the perfect way to start our day.

Hot Soba Topped with Fish Paste Cake
Hot Soba Topped with Fish Paste Cake
Mr. K chose this hot soba since it was so chilly outside. It was priced at 400 yen (around $3.50). The broth was piping hot with a mellow flavor. The soba was slightly softer from sitting in the broth.

We enjoyed both orders and left with full stomachs ready to start the day. I couldn’t believe that we had paid less than $10 for the both of us. It’s located just a few minutes from Shibuya station making it quite easy to get to as well. Keep in mind, they don’t have an English sign so have a picture of the front of the restaurant or the Japanese name so that you can find it more easily.

2-25-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo

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