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Salju Dessert

On a recent trip to LA, my brother requested snow ice for dessert. He was visiting from the Bay Area, which surprisingly hasn’t developed as many snow ice places. Of course I’m always game for snow ice.

We were hoping to visit the new branch of Blockheads Shavery, my second favorite snow ice place, but they wouldn’t be open for another few days. So instead we headed to Salju Dessert which I had been meaning to try for a while.

In addition to snow ice, they also offer crepes and drinks. For the snow ice, you choose a size, an ice flavor and a couple of toppings. Syrups are free of charge and you also have an option to get just snow ice and syrup if you don’t want toppings for a little cheaper price. Either way, I thought the prices were pretty reasonable.

There were so many snow ice flavors to choose from, so we had a hard time deciding. Luckily there were four of us, so we were able to tackle a few flavors. Despite coming off a big dinner, we managed to polish off five smalls.

Taro Snow Ice with Condensed Milk, Rice Balls and Egg Pudding

This was our favorite snow ice flavor out of the ones we tried. I was happy to see rice balls as an option because very few snow ice places offer it.

Green Tea Snow Ice with Condensed Milk (no toppings)

We also chose a plain green tea snow ice. I didn’t really like this one. I thought the green hue looked very artificial as well as the flavor.

Black Sesame Snow Ice with Condensed Milk, Taro Pudding and Rice Balls

Black sesame was my second favorite flavor. As you can tell, we really liked the rice balls topping.

Mango Snow Ice with Condensed Milk, Mango, and Rice Balls

The mango snow ice flavor was okay but a little artificial tasting. The mango pieces were the kind usually used with frozen yogurt, still tart and not very ripe. I prefer the softer, more ripe mangoes with my snow ice.

Taro Snow Ice with Condensed Milk

We liked the taro one so much that we got another one to end the night.

Overall, I liked the prices, the soft ice, the variety of flavors and the offering of rice balls as a topping. I didn’t really think that this place stood out though. The quality was about the same as several other snow ice places in the area. My favorite still remains Class 302 followed by Blockheads. And with Blockheads just a few blocks down from Salju, I’d rather visit Blockheads next time.

Salju Dessert
35 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801

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  1. Where would you recommend trying snow ice in san diego?

  2. Ooh, I like this place! They have a lot of neat flavors there. The texture of their snow ice there.

    The meaning of “salju” in Indonesian is “snow. 🙂

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