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Before my epic Providence tasting dinner, we stopped by Scoops Ice Cream, which is quite close by. I first visited Scoops here and fell in love with the place.  The little ice cream shop has a huge fan base because of its cheap prices, generous scoops of ice cream, and endless list of crazy flavor combinations.

One “scoop” is priced at only $2.75, but it’s actually two humongous scoops of ice cream and I usually have trouble finishing my one scoop.  With one scoop you can also choose two flavors.

On any given day you will be treated to about a dozen flavors of fresh homemade ice cream. The only staple flavor is their popular brown bread. The other flavors rotate daily. Since there are so  many different flavors (and they are always coming up with more and taking suggestions on their suggestions board), there’s almost always something new to try.

On this particular afternoon, the fiance tried a red velvet cake and a coconut wasabi ice cream. He really enjoyed both. The red velvet one had chunks of red velvet cake. I found the coconut wasabi one really interesting. The sweet coconut ice cream helped to take some of the edge off of the burn of eating wasabi, but the kick was definitely still there.

I chose the lychee yuzu and the brown bread.  The yuzu was a little too bitter for me so I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I loved the brown bread as always. There is a mix of caramel and grape nuts. I never enjoyed grape nuts as a kid, but I love it in this ice cream.

I wish there was a Scoops closer to me. There is actually now a second location in LA: Scoops Westside. This second location is run by another owner, but he supplies ice cream from the original Scoops.

712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA
(323) 906-2649

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4 comments on “Scoops”

  1. hi kirbie – my husband will be glad to know about the sorbets. i know my daughter will love it – she always likes fruity flavors. sometimes i think she picks the flavors based on the colors! 🙂

    • Haha, that’s funny. I pick a lot of foods based on colors (I’m one of those people that only eat certain colors of m & ms), but not really ice cream because I don’t like a lot of the fruit ice creams and I love green but I don’t like mint. I wish I had a family that was into exploring different flavors. My siblings only want vanilla or chocolate. Usually Fiance will only get cookies n cream. I had to force him to choose others. I get so frustrated when they stick to the basics at an ice cream shop since we can get those flavors from the grocery store.

  2. ooh, i’d heard of this place from Wandering Chopsticks’ blog. That brown bread sure is an interesting flavor too. i like how you can get 2 flavors in one scoop. My poor lactose intolerant husband will be dragged here eventually!

    • I like the two flavors in one scoop too because there are always so many different flavors I want to try. They usually have a few sorbets too for your lactose intolerant husband.

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