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Sea Harbor Dim Sum

After discovering Sea Harbor and Elite in LA last year, we’ve made several trips back.  I took pictures from a trip our last meal, but completely forgot to blog about it until now.

I already covered Sea Harbor more extensively in my previous post (including menu pictures). It’s a more upscale dim sum place. You order off of a menu, the items that arrive use high quality ingredients, the service is better, etc, compared to your typical dim sum joint.

I’ll keep the descriptions minimal and mainly show the photos of what we ordered.

Shrimp Har Gow

Super plump here, and about 2 times the size of regular dim sum spots.

Scallop and shark fin dumpling

As you may have noticed, this visit was prior to the Shark Fin ban. Actually we came to get one last taste of some of our favorites.

Sticky rice ball with salted egg yolk

Coconut layer pudding

Special dumpling with shark fin soup

Live carp fish congee

One of our favorites. You can definitely taste the live fish in the rich fish stock used to cook the congee. It’s really hard to go back to regular congee after.

Egg steamed sponge cake

Pork Shu Mai

We saw a picture of this celebrity, Daniel Wu, on the wall behind us. At the time it seemed like such a coincidence since we had just seen him in two different films and I don’t watch many chinese films. So it was fun to see a celebrity on the wall I actually recognized.

We had a good time here as usual. We tend to switch between here and Elite. Looking at these photos, I think it’s time for another trip soon.

Sea Harbor
3939 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 288-3939


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3 comments on “Sea Harbor Dim Sum”

  1. Hey Cliff,

    I am aware that shark fin is expensive but many dim sum places WILL promote shark fin dishes and use small amounts in their food. Frankly, I find any amount of shark fin, be it a strand or a chunk, disgusting

  2. Shark fin soup is over $100 a bowl – this is probably just artificial shark fin. It isn’t eaten for its flavor or taste, it’s for the texture.

    I enjoy eating shark fin soup by my well lit, clean-burning whale oil lamp.

  3. I am greatly saddened that you choose to eat shark fin and only stopped because the ban came into place. I’m a big foodie myself but somehow, the idea of eating an animal that I know is endangered and also knowing that my purchase encourages illegal fishing puts a bad taste in my mouth. There are so many more delicious foods out there that do not need shark fin as an ingredient – shark fin by itself is not at all tasty, it is tasteless. I will certainly make sure to never step foot into this restaurant, ban or no ban.