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Shrimp with purple snow peas

Last week while browsing the Ranch 99 sales ad, I noticed that purple snow peas were on sale.  Purple snow peas?? I didn't even know such a thing existed. Sure enough, when I went to Ranch 99, there were purple snow peas on sale.  They were sold in pre-washed packages. 

The peas had a dark purple color on top of a dark green, so it's not a very vivid purple.  It almost looks like regular snow peas painted over with purple.  Some of them aren't even completely purple but are purple on some parts and green on others.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to cook the peas.  I wanted to keep it simple and let the peas shine.  So I decided to stir fry them with some shrimp. 

I ended up cooking them separately and just putting the shrimp on top because when I started washing the snow peas and cutting off the ends, I noticed that they were staining my hands.  Much like other vegetables and fruits with dark hues, the color does come off a little.  When I stir fried the snow peas, the water was a purple.  The shrimp that touched the snow peas also were slightly purple.

The purple snow peas tasted the same as regular ones.  I couldn't really tell a difference other than the darker color. It was fun to find and try them though.

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11 comments on “Shrimp with purple snow peas”

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  4. That is a coincidence! So how did you cook yours? Purple daikon looking radish? I’ve never had it. I’ll have to look for it.

  5. So…I googled purple snow peas…because I JUST BOUGHT THEM at 99 RANCH! What a coincidence! I bought a purple daikon-looking radish! I’m scared to mess with it!

  6. I’m thinking it probably has more healthy antioxidants like other dark colored foods. =) I never saw it at Ranch 99 before. I think it’s a new product.

  7. I love purple things too! I’ve seen purple cauliflower but never tried it before. Next time I see it in a store, I need to get some.

  8. When in doubt, I just stir fry almost all vegetables. Heh. I’ve made regular snow peas with shrimp before, so I figured this would work.

  9. Purple snow peas in Ranch99? Gosh, I need to check them out. I was eager to know the difference in taste from regular ones but you said…no difference. Hmmmm…so does the purple means the snow peas has more antioxidants? ;p

  10. wow, purple snow peas! cool! i love all things purple!
    have you ever seen/tried purple cauliflower? it tastes just like regular white cauliflower.

  11. These purple snow peas are interesting. And you were amazing that the moment you see these snowpeas you had to try it already in your recipe. Yeah I have heard that they taste like regular snow peas as well. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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