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Sloppy’s Burritos

Sloppy’s Burritos recently opened in Hillcrest, right next to Project Pie.

Despite it’s name, the burrito style is anything but sloppy. Instead, this fast casual eatery markets itself as “Chipotle meets Whole Foods.” They use free range chicken, organic vegetables, non GMO tofu, offer pure cane sugar sodas, etc.

While impressive, the thing that excited me the most was that they have different flavored steamed tortillas, such as spinach, garlic and green onion, and jalapeno cilantro.

The name of the restaurant comes from the owner, whose nickname is “Sloppy.” Given my “Kirbie” nickname, I felt an instant kinship. We were recently invited to come check out the place and sample the burritos.

Steak Burrito with Jalapeno cilantro tortilla, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, shredded jack cheese, and sour cream

You order at the register and pick your protein, wrap, salsa, rice and bean filling, etc. After customizing your burrito it is made right in front of you.

Each of the burritos came in a shiny gold foil. It’s best to eat the burrito while still wrapped in the foil, peeling back a little at a time. I learned this the hard way. I unwrapped them completely to get some photos and then couldn’t wrap them back up again and the burritos became unraveled after a few bites.

The steak has a good flavor to it and I really enjoyed the steamed jalapeno tortilla. I’m not a fan of regular tortilla, but I really enjoyed flavored ones.

Tofu with garlic with green onion tortilla, grilled veggies, lettuce, pico de gallo salsa

Normally I like meat in my burritos but the owner suggested we try the tofu one. Both of us loved the tofu one, especially with the addition of grilled vegetables. Normally DH doesn’t do well with a vegetarian option, but he kept stealing bites of mine. The burrito was packed with grilled tofu and vegetables and everything was well seasoned.

I really enjoyed the garlic green onion tortilla, even more so than the jalapeno one. It had a strong garlic taste and I could easily just eat it plain.

Sloppy’s also offers pure sugar cane sodas. We were told the cherry coke was very popular. Normally I don’t care for cherry coke but after sampling a few of the soda flavors, I found myself going back to the cherry coke. It didn’t taste as artificial as cherry cokes I’ve had in the past and it was actually my favorite of the sodas offered.

In their freetime, the owners enjoy surfing, a theme that can be seen throughout the store. There are surfboards decorating the place as well as walls made to look like ocean waves.

We had a good time here and would love to stop by again for a quick bite. The restaurant has a small parking lot in the plaza too so it’s not as hard to find parking as other places in Hillcrest.

Disclaimer: As discussed above, we were invited to come check out this new spot and our food was complimentary. However, I was not paid for this review and my opinion, as always, remain my own.

Sloppy’s Burritos
3884 4th Ave
San Diego, CA
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