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SmartMade™ Meals

I’m always looking to try new food products, especially ones that fit in with my goals for maintaining a balanced and healthier lifestyle. Recently, I was introduced to SMARTMADE ™ by SmartOnes (R). SmartMade™ meals are frozen meals that are inspired by the way we cook at home. They make certain swaps for certain ingredients, grill and roast the vegetables for more flavor, and more. overhead photo of packages of SmartMade™ Meals

What first caught my attention were the meals offered. There are over a dozen to choose from with creative offerings like White Wine Chicken & Couscous, Rosemary Grilled Beef & Vegetables, and Turkey Sausage & Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Bake. These are the kind of meals I’d like to be eating everyday if I had several hours to prep and cook.

I found the new SmartMade™ in the frozen section of my local Walmart. I decided to start with White Wine Chicken & Couscous. The kitchen smelled pretty delicious while this was heating up. overhead photo of the white wine chicken & couscous SmartMade™ Meals

I really enjoyed this entree. The grilled chicken was tender, the couscous was fluffy and I got a thrill out of seeing the grill marks on the zucchini. I also like that they used couscous instead of white rice, as I usually substitute other grains for white rice when I’m cooking for myself. There was also eggplant, tomatoes and onions mixed in. I don’t set aside a lot of time to eat lunch, so this meal was perfect. It was fast, tasty and kept me full and satisfied. Plus, I didn’t feel guilty after eating it. The entire meal was only 190 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. close-up photo of white wine chicken & couscous

I’ve since picked up Rosemary Grilled Beef & Vegetables for my husband and plan on trying a few more, but I would get the White Wine Chicken & Couscous again. You can learn more about SmartMade™ on their website, along with a listing of all the meals currently available. The meals can be found in the freezer aisle at most major grocery stores.


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