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Sogo Bakery

Sogo Bakery
1600 South De Anza Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95129

There’s been a couple Sogo bakeries popping up in the Bay Area.  In addition to having their own stores, a lot of the Ranch 99 bakeries have been taken over by Sogo.  I was pretty sad to see Sogo take over a lot of the Ranch 99 bakeries because the Sogo products cost a lot more and I don’t think they are that much better.

After lunch with my mom, we passed by a Sogo Bakery.  I can’t resist browsing chinese bakeries, so of course I had to take a look.  It was your usual array of chinese breads and cakes.  Baby Bro seemed really impressed with the cakes and kept taking pictures.  He thought the fact that the tiramisu cake actually says “tiramisu” was so clever.

They had some egg tarts that were on special for $1, so I picked up two. I had hoped to take pictures when I got home, but I brought them back to San Diego and they got smashed.  They tasted alright, but they didn’t have the egg tart shell that I prefer.

However, when I saw these panda cookies, I was so excited.  A small box of panda cookies were being sold for $2.50.  My mom didn’t understand my excitement.  These panda cookies were so adorable!  The cutest panda-shaped foods I have ever seen.  I could eat these all day.

This is what the package looks like.  The package is packed with cookies.  Mine is already opened with several cookies missing.

The cookies are basically a vanilla and chocolate butter cookie.  I’m not sure how the made these cookies.  I’m used to panda shaped baked goods being blobs of chocolate dough strategically placed to make a panda face shape.  However the details of these pandas make it seem like the eyes and such were drawn on.  However, the black chocolate cookie portions go all the way through the entire cookie.

I would love to get my hand on more of these adorable cookies. Unfortunately, no sogo bakeries in San Diego.

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16 comments on “Sogo Bakery”

  1. Hey, so someone JUST told me that they have these same cookis at Von’s in Mira Mesa! I’m gonna go check it out!

    • yes! Actually it should be at any Vons. Late last year they started carrying Sogo bakery products including the bread and the panda cookies. They cost quite a it more than getting it from the Sogo store but since we don’t have any Sogo bakeries in SD, it’s still nice to be able to get them!

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  4. The cakes do look pretty! I’m going to have to try one one of these days

  5. the panda cookies are adorable but those cakes are amazing!

  6. I’m glad you like them! Now if only someone could tell me how to make my own.

  7. I agree! I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment. I’m trying to find out how they made them. been looking for molds or other things online, but I can’t find anything.

  8. omg those panda cookies are adorable!!

  9. omggg. so so so cute! those panda cookiessss are the cutesttttt thing!

  10. Interesting! Vancouver is pretty far for me, but I’m glad you can find them there. I wish I could find whatever it is they use to make the cookies. I’d love to be able to make them.

  11. You’re welcome! I really loved them and was excited to take pictures of them for the blog.

  12. hey! I recognize those cookies. You can buy them at T&T Supermarket, in Vancouver, BC. I get them all the time in their bakery section. My girls love them. They also have other shapes, but the panda is my favourite. I believe they either use an extruder or use the same technique as checkerboard cookies because they sell those too. I was going to attempt making them, but they would require too much finicky shaping. Once you get a log, you would simply slice the panda shapes. That’s why they kind of look wonky; from the pressure of the knife

  13. Whee! Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing the photos. 🙂

  14. Heehee! Aren’t they the cutest ever?! I already think panda stuff is cute, but these are ridiculously cute. Maybe they use some sort of panda mold to make the cookies. I don’t know how they get it so detailed and so cute. I don’t think they ship the cookies. =( I checked their website because I want more. These are so fun to eat and I think they would look really cute on cupcakes too.

  15. I LOVE those panda cookies!! OMG. I about passed out when I saw those pics. I wonder how they get the cookies so detailed. I’m going to go on their web page to see if they ship those cookies. Probably not though huh? I don’t think it would be worth the shipping costs anyways 🙁

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