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Southwest Airlines Snacks

Whenever I go on a trip, one of the things I’m most anticipating are the snacks and entertainment on the flights and the amenities in the hotels. I end up choosing my travel arrangements based on what is offered.

I fly Southwest Airlines quite often to visit my parents in the Bay Area. It’s quick, very little hassle, and there are no penalties for changing and canceling flights. Usually, Southwest provides a drink and either a bag of peanut or pretzels ( I always opt for the pretzels). On my trip to Ohio, I knew there would be more snacks offered because of the length of the flight and I was really excited to see what was being offered.

There is no direct flight from San Diego to Columbus. On the longer leg of the flight, we were offered the standard peanuts and pretzels as well as the choice of three different Nabisco products. The flight attendants came around with a box displaying all the snacks and we could choose one or two from the batch. Here are the three snacks offered: shortbread crackers, cheese sandwich crackers, and golden Oreos.
Southwest Airlines Snacks

Drinks were also served every hour.

On our flight back, it was the same snacks, though our flight attendant was a lot more generous, telling us to take as many as we wanted, so we both took one of each snack.
Southwest Airlines Snacks
We were also on a newer plane on the flight back, the first time I’ve been on one of these.  There were quite a few changes on the new planes. The seats were nicer. They were all leather rather than cloth and the head space had much more cushion and a bigger indent to place your head on. The cabin had blue mood lighting and the bin space had also been changed; they were rounder and easier to reach and open.

The blue lighting reminded me of the photos I’ve seen of Virgin American Airlines though I haven’t yet flown them. I’ve considered them a few times because they offer flight prices similar to Southwest to the Bay Area, but they don’t offer any complimentary snacks on the plane at all. Nada. So I haven’t yet tried them out.

I documented my flight food from my Taiwan and Europe trips but I just haven’t gotten a chance to posting them. Hopefully, I’ll get to them soon.

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8 comments on “Southwest Airlines Snacks”

  1. hi! this was very helpful and great information! for the complimentary drinks, is there a limit or can you get more like an hour later or if you’re still thirsty?

  2. SouthWest is so great! I love that they serve snacks on all of their flights – even the ones that are only a hour or two long – and that checking bags is free and that they’re always so friendly and that you get to pick your own seat. Man, I thinking I need to write a blog post about how much I love them now.
    Did you get to try their hot chocolate? That’s what I always get to drink on a SouthWest flight, no matter the time of year. It’s quite good, I think. They’re the only airline I’ve ever flown on that offers hot chocolate as part of their complimentary beverages.

    • I have never gotten the hot chocolate. Thanks for that tip! I know what you mean about SW. when I fly other airlines, they seem like such a headache with their change fees, bag fees, exit seats cost more, etc. I love the ease of SW. I had to stop myself from gushing about it and just limit it to the snacks for this post. Though maybe I should have just gushed about them more. hehe

  3. Nice snacks! How was the security line? I heard they cut back on TSA employees.

  4. were these free? or is this a perk of 1st class?
    Bc I thought airlines dont serve food, only give water on domestic flights. That if you want food it is for sale, but not for free. On int’l flights food is still served.

    • Most airlines still give snacks on domestic flights. And yes, these are the free complimentary ones served by Southwest. Southwest does not have a first class section.

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