Spring Party with Chinet® Cut Crystal® Tableware and a Giveaway


Spring is officially here! I love spring because it means longer daylight hours, flowers blooming and beautiful bright colors everywhere I look.

To help welcome spring, I decided to throw a little party, which also gave me a chance to feature the Chinet® Cut Crystal® line of disposable tableware. If you aren’t familiar with Chinet® Cut Crystal® products, I’m excited to be the one to introduce it to you! I first discovered the line a few months ago when we were about to host our Lunar New Year party.

We always buy disposable tableware for our parties because it makes clean-up a lot easier, but I’m always trying to find nice looking disposable tableware because I want the tableware to look elegant. So I dragged Mr. K to about three different stores before I came across Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups. They were everything I was looking for. They were crystal clear and had a swirl pattern on them that made them look really fancy. 

Then I discovered there was also matching cutlery and plates. Tableware problem solved!

I absolutely loved how the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection looked during my Lunar Party, so when I had an opportunity to work with the Chinet® brand and feature the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection, I gladly signed up to do so. In addition, there is a giveaway at the end of this post for a $100 gift card plus a package of Chinet® product!

My spring party took place in the afternoon. I mainly featured small bites, desserts, and drinks. Of course, there had to be sangria! I also had a wine area set up for those who wanted something a little stronger. I’m completely infatuated with the new Chinet® Cut Crystal® stemless wineglasses. I want to actually use them to decorate various parts of my house.

And since I know everyone was expecting one, I had a full dessert table set-up! While I didn’t plan on it, I loved that the tablecloth actually matched the waves of the tableware.

We’ve had an unusually warm winter this year in San Diego, and the week right before the official start of spring, temperatures reached the low 90’s. So, I had an ice cream sundae bar. The small Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9 oz glasses were the perfect size for my do-it-yourself sundae station. 

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with this one!

And afterwards, clean-up was easy! I only had to wash the big serving plates and pitchers and everything else was disposable.

Now onto the giveaway. You’ve seen what I did with my Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection. Now I want to know what you would do! Please leave a comment below answering this question: How would Chinet® Cut Crystal® elevate your next get-together?  

Leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a Chinet® gift pack!

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 4/15/15 – 5/14/15.

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120 comments on “Spring Party with Chinet® Cut Crystal® Tableware and a Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t seen these before but it will be perfect for my son’s graduation party!

  2. I love having people over but hate cleaning up. I would use the tableware to elevate my game and throw a classy party without the look of cheap paper products!

  3. i would elevate it to a more pleasing setting; a good option for an active party 🙂

  4. I would use it for my big Family Homecoming Party that I am having in  June by serving dinner with the plates and using the bowls to serve my homemade ice cream to the guests! And I would use the glasses to serve an assortment of beverages.  These dishes look amazing and would help with clean up!

  5. The china wear looks great! It’d really add a nice touch to an adults cocktail party. And I can definitely think of a lot of things to do with the stemless wine glasses!

  6. I love your sundae party! I think DIY layered dips using those cups would be fun too, like with guacamole, salsa, corn, etc.

  7. These are really pretty!

  8. Chinet would make the party more casual and fun

  9. Such a great idea to use the cups for sundaes! I’d love to use these to elevate my birthday party and feel like we are eating off of a much more elegant set of plates and glasses than your typical disposables! Looking forward to hunting these down!

  10. I have had to wash dishes during a party so that we could serve the next course.  These are nice enough to use for a dinner party and would give me the extra pieces I need to keep the dinner moving.

  11. I love Chinet products. This is even better. They are so elegant!

  12. I will be hosting Mother’s Day Brunch this year and can already imagine serving mimoas in the Chinet cut crystal stemless wineglasses and my yogurt granola fruit parfaits in the elegant  9 oz. glasses.  Best of all the clean-up will be a breeze. 

  13. I would use these for a Mother’s Day get-together. We usually do a lunch with family, and these would be nicer than our usual paper plates, white plastic cutlery and Red solo cups.

  14. These Chinet products would make a fun party more elegant!!

  15. I’d really like to have a party when my SO submits his big research paper (should be in just a few weeks!) but we will definitely need some more plates. These look so much nicer than paper ones!

  16. Chinet® Cut Crystal would elevate our occasions because it looks nicer than paper tableware and would make clean up easy.

  17. I’ve used these before and love it. I Would use it for my nephew’s graduation.

  18. I would use them for a homeschoolers sundae party.

  19. tweet0–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/588433664633135104

  20. These look great for an outdoor barbecue party!

  21. It adds that extra touch of class instead of paper plates from the store.

  22. tweet- https://twitter.com/groogruxking40/status/588441916217274369 

  23. Chinet products would make our parties so much nicer.

  24. clear disposables sure beats the paper plates! i’d feel more special!

  25. i have a party planned for next month and this would be perfect!!

  26. we don’t have any nice dishes for our place and we are having guests come for the summer. thanks for the chance.

  27. I am helping host my brother’s rehearsal dinner. We are having a BBQ at a local park and we will use Chinet products at the BBQ!! Chinet products would help us immensely by minimizing clean up!

  28. This would make a special going-away party I have planned even prettier!

  29. I am going to use it to make my MIL’s 94th birthday party extra special

  30. Chinet Cut Crystal will elevate my next get-together which will be a birthday party.

  31. This would be great for everyday use when I just want a drink or snack and I don’t want to wash the dishes.

  32. Chinet Cut Crystal would be perfect for a few outdoor BBQs I will be having this spring and summer with family and friends.  They look a lot nicer than paper plates/cups and bring an element of style that I like.

  33. Tweet: https://twitter.com/PrettyHotPink6/status/589059913395077122

  34. It would jazz up my graduation party/cookout!


  35. We always make red,white and blue parfaits on the 4th of July with jello and berries and whipped cream. We use my glass parfait glasses which I only have seven of (one broke years ago) so there is never any to share or take along. Now we can make them for the actual party and not just the family after party! My kids will love to be able to share their creation with their friends and I will love the easy clean-up!

  36. Our next get-together will probably be on Mother’s Day, and this Chinet Cut Crystal would give the party some flair since it’s so stylish and pretty.

  37. Chinet’s Cut Crystal would be a real treat to use at parties with friends and family! They would also work great at Fiesta Island during a bonfire when you need something more than just an ordinary paper plate!!

  38. beautiful and elegant! would love to use these for future dinner parties

  39. Chinet would be great for my graduation party! It looks so classy. 🙂

  40. This would elevate my next get together because I won’t have to worry about plates and cups breaking on the guests as I host and spending a fortune on buying hard quality dinnerware. Cheap and durable works for me!

  41. This would be amazing for our house warming party!


  42.  Chinet Cut Crystal would be prefect for my kid’s birthday.  Elegant style for the setting and to set the theme for kids.

  43. -https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/589974283591397376

  44. these are too pretty to be disposable!

  45. Love ,love, love the glasses! They’ll definitely jazz up a going-away party currently in the works.

  46. They would be great and add some class to the next time that I have my girlfriends over for a brunch or lunch.

  47. The Chinet clear cups are really pretty, and more elegant that a foam cup!

  48. It would make clean up very easy since I have a big family.

  49. we are going to have a 5 years anniversary party. Chinet Cut Crystal would make everything looks better

  50. Chinet Cut Crystal would help elevate my next party cause it looks better then others, has better quality, and matches any party theme I choose.

  51. My tweet: https://twitter.com/lil_lady_dz/status/590690581728329729

  52. Well, it would definitely elevate an outdoor party where there may be more activity from guests, looks pretty without being breakable.

  53. I always like to keep supplies on hand so I’m ready when a crowd gets hungry. I will pick some Chinet Cut Crystal to keep on hand.

  54. this would be great for my parents anniversary party next weekend !:) so much better then paper plates! lol

  55. I think this would be lovely for Mother’s Day–no dishes for mom!

  56. The Chinet Crystal looks fabulous! Would love to use it at my next party.

  57. I would use these for my mothers upcoming birthday, they look so fancy!

  58. it would make my brunch feel classy but make the clean up faster
    [email protected]

  59. i would totallyuse this for a summer party

  60. It would elevate my next get-together by making it look really classy.

  61. It’d make my friend’s baby shower look elegant and make clean-up a breeze.

  62. I would use the tableware for an outdoor BBQ – less cleanup and less mess! 

  63. We have a lemon tree, so I’d make lemonade and drop in fresh strawberries…it would be lovely, delicious and refreshing.

  64. Love those… great for  Bunco! Easy, peasy clean up! More time for talking and eating!   

  65. Brunch mimosas will now look even tastier with this line. This will definitely make my get togethers even more fabulous than ever. 

  66. this chinet would help make it look like i care while at the same time being practical.

  67. It would elevate it because Id have less to clean up! That means more time to enjoy myself

  68. I would use the Chinet® Cut Crystal® line to serve food and cake at our birthday celebrations. This would make the clean up so much easier

  69. Chinet would bring a whole new level of elegance to the wedding shower I am throwing later this fall! I am so excited to have found something so nice that I do not have to wash afterwards!

  70. I would use them for a graduation party 

  71. I think it would make it look awesome!! truckredford(at)Gmail(dot)com

  72. what a fun sundae station. 🙂 Chinet® Cut Crystal® would elevate my next get-together with their fancy product. I am hosting father’s day brunch and many birthdays soon and can’t wait to use the Chinet products. 🙂
    amy [at] utry [dot] it


  74. I would love to use it to elevate our 4th of July get together this year!

  75. I would use Chinet to bring some class and elegance to our next family bbq!

  76. I would use these for my 4th of July party because they look great and are easy to clean up.

  77. Using the Chinet Cut Crystal dinner plates instead of regular paper plates just looks so much better! 

  78. Tweet: https://twitter.com/Lindiac/status/598661927582072832

  79. It would elevate it by making a more appealing atmosphere than the usual red cups and paper plates!

  80. Instead of getting foam plates and paper cups I would elevate my daughter’s graduation party by using Chinet Cut Crystal.

  81. Informal picnics and backyard barbeques will start to look pretty fancy when we start using this Chinet cut crystal. It will really jazz up an ordinary get together.

  82. I used something similar at my wedding back in 1993 and loved it.  I would highly suggest that as a use for anyone having a wedding!  

  83. I tweeted here:  https://twitter.com/MsTofuFairy/status/598915036401246208

  84. Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate my next backyard patio party. So much nicer than those red plastic cups!

  85. These would really make my annual summer party into a special occasion! 

  86. it would as so class to my takeout 

  87. These would be perfect for a baby shower I am planning. It would really spruce it up

  88. I sent out a tweet: https://twitter.com/electricstar/status/599000012157165568

  89. A great way to decorate!

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