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St. John Bakery

St. John Restaurant is an award winning restaurant in London. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stop in for a meal (a must-do for next time), but we did have a chance to visit its standalone bakery, which for a few short hours on Saturday mornings (9am to 2pm) is open to the general public. During “Saturday mornings at Druid Street,” the bakery sells various breads and its famous filled doughnuts.

While the fresh bread loaves were tempting, I stuck with the donuts, the reason for my visit. There were four varieties offered the day we went and we got one of each (£2 each): custard, salted caramel custard, rhubarb apple jam and apple jam.

With no seating nearby, we headed to our next destination, Tower Bridge, to enjoy the view and our donuts.

All the donuts are dusted with sugar. It was hard to pick a favorite as I enjoyed them all. The donuts were light and fluffy, with just the right ratio of filling versus dough.

The custard filled donuts had an airy, mousse-like texture.

The jam ones had a slightly runnier filling, but still thick and gooey, so they didn’t make a mess. The apple jam one had chunks of apple slices. The apple rhubarb had a good balance of sweet and tart.

We thoroughly enjoyed our donuts and it was a nice way to spend Saturday morning. For another account of St. John Bakery, check out Gastronomer’s post.

St. John Bakery
72 Druid St, London SE1 2HQ, United Kingdom

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6 comments on “St. John Bakery”

  1. Custard filled doughnuts are the best, love how they definitely did not skimp on the filling!

  2. Those filled donuts look amazing! I’d totally be all over that caramel custard! Your photo of the Tower Bridge is lovely!

  3. Doughnuts make you wonder why all the best food is bad for you. These look very tasty esp, the salted caramel custard.

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