Sugar and Spice Brioche

I saw a blog post by Dessert First for sugar and spice brioche a few months ago and immediately bookmarked the recipe.  The recipe appealed to me for multiple reasons: I had been wanting to try more brioche recipes, I was curious about Joanne Chang’s Flour book and the recipe is her recipe from the book, and also I had never had sugar and spice brioche and it sounded delicious.

The recipe requires you to make a big batch of brioche bread and then use half of it for the sugar and spice brioche. I had some trouble determining how to arrange the pieces inside the baking pan. I tried to make them look like bubble buns, but some of them came out better look than others.

I have to confess, this was not my favorite brioche bread recipe. I found the brioche dough a little hard to work with and it took a long time to rise. I didn’t find the bread as buttery, flaky and rich as other brioche breads I’ve had in the past.

That being said, since these brioche were covered in cinnamon and sugar, it covered some of the flaws I found with the brioche itself. I loved pulling apart the little brioche pieces when eating them. The rolls were soft, buttery, and sweet. I just don’t think I’d use this brioche recipe again to make a loaf of brioche.

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You can view the full recipe here.

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