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Tapas 24

photo of the Tapas 24 sign
For our first night in Barcelona, we chose to dine at Tapas 24, a popular tapas bar that consistently popped up during my trip research.

When we arrived, there was a long line, but it actually moved rather fast. The staff were obviously pros at being efficient and getting people seated as quickly as possible The interior features a large bar at the center and smaller tables on the sides. After about 20 minutes, we were seated at one of the outside tables.
photo of a plate and the menu
The menu was conveniently printed on a sleeve that held our utensils.

photo of Bravas
Lightly fried potatoes, covered with a garlic aioli and spicy sauce. They didn’t look like much but they were very enjoyable.

Bomba de la Barceloneta
photo of Bomba de la Barceloneta
Deep fried ball filled with potato and meatball and topped with creamy and spicy sauces. We really enjoyed this fried ball of goodness.close-up photo of Bomba de la Barceloneta

Croqueta de Pollastres Rostit
photo of Croqueta de Pollastres Rostit
Chicken filled croquettes. These were actually a little dry. We should have had the ham ones.

Bikini Comerç 24
photo of Bikini Comerç 24

Thin toasted triangle sandwiches filled with slices of Iberian ham, mozzarella cheese and flecks of black truffle. This reminded me of a grilled cheese sandwich. These were quite rich.
close-up photo of Bikini Comerç 24

McFoie Burger
photo of McFoie Burger
A foie gras and beef patty burger served with foie gras ganache. The highlight was definitely the ganache, which had a concentrated savory foie gras flavor. I’m not ashamed to admit, I made sure we ate every last bit of the sauce.
photo of foie gras ganache

Cap I Pota 
photo of Cap I Pota 
A stew of tender beef trip, chick peas and chorizo. It was hearty and earthy.

Overall, this was a solid way to start our trip. Later on in our trip, we did visit several other tapas bars that were less touristy and we actually found them to be even better than this dinner. But it was a good meal nonetheless. Afterwards, we took a late night stroll to digest and watched this ever-changing fountain.

photo of the outside fountain lit up with  lights

photo of the menuphoto of the second part of the menu

Tapas 24
Carrer de la Diputació, 269, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

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