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Trader Joe’s August Edition

I haven’t seen a Fearless Flyer since June but I couldn’t help but go and check out the latest Trader Joe’s products.

Popcorn in a Pickle
overhead photo of a bag of popcorn in a pickle popcorn
This tastes just as it sounds: pickle flavored popcorn. If you love pickles, I think you’ll really enjoy this popcorn. If you don’t, then you probably won’t. I personally like the tangy dill flavor and have found this to be addicting.
close-up photo of popcorn

Cookie Butter Cream Cheese
overhead photo of a package of Cookie Butter Cream Cheese
Yes, apparently Trader Joe’s is trying to cookie butter everything. This is their latest cookie butter flavored product. I don’t know whether to love or hate Trader Joe’s for making all these cookie butter foods I feel compelled to try. The cream cheese is actually not overally sweet and the cookie butter flavor is more subtle than I expected. I think this would make a good bagel spread.
close-up photo of an opened package of Cookie Butter Cream Cheese

Brownie Crisps
overhead photo of a bag of Brownie Crisps
It’s as if they were making a batch of brownies and left them in the oven too long, causing them to become hard and crisp, but without actually burning. These pack all the flavor of a brownie but in a crunchy cookie form. I might have to try recreating these as I can’t stop eating them. I love the rich, chocolatey flavor.overhead photo of five Brownie Crisps

close-up photo of Brownie Crisps

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
overhead photo of a bag of Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
I’ve had sweet potato chips before which I really like and this is similar, but with tortilla chips. They have that subtle sweet and earthy flavor of sweet potatoes and a bright orange color.
close-up photo of Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Mini Roses
photo of Mini Roses
Okay, not a food and not really new, but I couldn’t help but pick up a small pot of mini roses. These look so healthy and pink.

That’s it for now. I also picked up some regular grocery items, but nothing too interesting to share. I recently have been buying my eggs from Trader Joe’s too as they are a lot cheaper than most grocery stores ever since the egg shortage started. I’m hoping a new flyer comes out soon. Let me know if I missed anything delicious!


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4 comments on “Trader Joe’s August Edition”

  1. I just got the Fearless Flyer in the mail yesterday, and plan on stopping there tonight. I saw the description of the Popcorn in a Pickle; I’m not a pickle fan, but I’m curious about the taste. The bacon popcorn tasted strange to me at first, then grew on me.

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