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Tasty Pot Mira Mesa

photo of a hot soup served at Tasty Pot Mira Mesa
Tasty Pot recently opened their second San Diego location in Mira Mesa. The spot is a little smaller and has a darker interior, but it also has a better parking lot and the same menu.

We’ve been to the one on Convoy several times now and so we were curious to check out the new location. The Mira Mesa one seems less busy and we were seated almost right away.
photo of the outside of Tasty Pot Mira Mesa

Dipping sauces we rarely ever use.
photo of the dipping sauce options

I prefer to come during lunch as it’s $1 off and includes complimentary black or green tea.

Curry Flavored Hot Soup
photo of Curry Flavored Hot Soup
This is Mr. K’s favorite pot. He loves the curry flavor and the variety of ingredients.

Taiwanese Supreme Spicy Hot Soup
photo of Taiwanese Supreme Spicy Hot Soup
This is one of their larger pots which costs $3 more. It uses a wider pot and is filled with more ingredients. I’m still working my way through all the pots before I decide on a favorite. This one was a tad too spicy for me.

Beef Hot Soup
photo of Beef Hot Soup
This is one I had a few weeks ago. I do prefer the pots with pork instead of beef, as the pork is much more tender.

photo of the decor
Overall, the new Mira Mesa location was on par with the Convoy location. I was looking through some photos of our previous meals and Mr. K’s curry pot from this visit looked identical to the one he had at the Convoy location. It’s nice to have a second location to ease some of the congestion. Because it was soft opening, the food did arrive a little slower than usual, but I’m sure they will find their rhythm soon.

You can read my post of the Convoy spot here.

photo of the first part of the Tasty Pot Menuphoto of the second part of Tasty Pot Menu

Tasty Pot Mira Mesa
9379 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126

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2 comments on “Tasty Pot Mira Mesa”

  1. We are going to the Bay Area tomorrow and this is the place my friend chose for dinner! it’s the Berkeley location. I am excited to try their offerings.