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Thai Pepper Cuisine

Thai Pepper Cuisine
3361 Sandrock Road
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 715-4676

I've been wanting to check out Thai Pepper Cuisine ever since reading a post about it on mmm-yoso.  Boyfriend and I attempted to try it a few weekends ago for lunch on a Sunday, only to learn that they are closed on Sundays.  So we went back this past Saturday for dinner.  We decided to order food to go.

When we went to pick up the food, the restaurant was empty of customers.  The restaurant has a pretty big menu, which I forgot to take pictures of.  The prices are pretty reasonable, with most rice and noodle and curry dishes under $10, and only the specialty dishes being priced at about $15.

We ordered a pineapple fried rice, chicken pad thai, beef pad see-ew, panang curry and mango sticky rice.  While the containers of food didn't seem that big, it was a substantial portion of food.  Three of us ate it, and we had a lot of leftovers.

Here are some pictures of the food.  Normally I don't like to use flash, but the lighting was so bad, that I was forced to on this occasion.

This is the beef pad see-ew.  I was a bit concerned when I saw this dish.  The dish looked very dark and smelled like soy sauce.  I was right to be concerned.  The dish was so salty! It had been doused in soy sauce.  That's all I could taste.  The noodles were nice and chewy, but I was unable to enjoy them because of the saltiness.

This is the panang curry.  I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegetables in this dish. I've orderd panang curry before where there is barely any vegetables or meat inside and it's mainly just curry sauce.  This one was full of beans, peppers, eggplant, beef, and some other ingredients.  It also had a nice spicy kick to it.  Yum.

Chicken pad thai.  This dish was just okay for me.  It didn't have enough of the sweetness you usually find in pad thai, and also no peanut taste either. 

Pineapple fried rice.  This was pretty yummy.  Slightly spicy, good curry taste in the rice, and lots of pineapples and cashews.  The one surprising ingredient I found was dry shredded pork.  Something I usually use when eating rice porridge.  I haven't seen this used before in pineapple fried rice.

Finally, mango sticky rice, something I've been craving for a while.  Unfortunately, this was the most disappointing dish. Also, this is a picture of a partially eaten dessert.  I forgot to snap pictures before digging in!  The mango tasted good.  But the sticky rice was clumped together and too hard.  Not very enjoyable.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience.  There are some other dishes on the menu I would like to try out next time.  The total came to less than $40.  Pretty good deal.

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3 comments on “Thai Pepper Cuisine”

  1. I’ve only had a couple of good pineapple fried rice in SD. Looks like this place is where I should tried next when I have the craving!

  2. My only criticism was that it was lacking shrimp, which I like in my pineapple fried rice. But overall, it was pretty good. I haven’t had much luck finding good pineapple fried rice in SD either.

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