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The Cravory Revisits

Ever since The Cravory opened a brick and mortar shop, we’ve become frequent customers. It’s gotten to the point where Mr. K is trying to convince me that we need a drawer in our kitchen full of fresh baked cookies, like the set-up at The Cravory. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.

I documented my first visit here, and I’ve been collecting pictures from various other visits (when I remember and haven’t already eaten the cookies) but I haven’t had time to share until now.

In addition to visiting on our own to satisfy our sugar cravings with their unique flavored cookies, we also got to attend an event when The Cravory hosted a group of San Diego food bloggers and let us make our own customized flavors in their kitchen. I wanted to share some photos from that fun event as well.

In the last two months, Mr. K and I have eaten about 3 dozen Cravory cookies. Yikes. While I love all the new flavor combinations they are constantly creating, my favorite are two of their signature flavors: chocolate truffle and lemon bar.

The chocolate truffle is a must-have for any chocoholic. I don’t even know how they cram so much rich chocolate flavor into the tiny little cookie.

The lemon bar flavored cookie tastes remarkably similar to a lemon bar with its balance of sweet and tart and even though I normally stay away from citrus desserts, I’ve become a big fan of this one. This is also Mr. K’s favorite.

Here are some recent new-to-me flavors we’ve had:

Blueberry muffin

I know this is starting to sound redundant, but this really has all the flavors of a blueberry muffin, but while still maintaining a cookie form and cookie texture.

Halo Halo

This is actually one of their special flavors of the month for the month of April, so if you are interested, go soon to try it! (Disclosure: The Cravory provided me with a few free Halo Halo cookies to sample). I was so surprised they came out with this flavor, inspired by the Filipino dessert.

It starts with a taro dough swirled with their almond joyous dough. The mix-ins include red beans, shredded coconut, and nata de coco. I love the faint purple tint of the dough.

Banana Coffee Cake

I wasn’t as much of a fan of this one, I think mainly because I wasn’t prepared for the bacon bits mixed in.

Some more of their classics: Birthday Cake and Almond Joyous

And here are a few pictures from the day a group of San Diego Food Bloggers were invited into their kitchen to make our own custom cookies. Turns out, creating the right combination of flavors is harder than it looks. While the cookies Mr. K and I created came out quite pretty, I didn’t think any of them tasted as good as the flavors offered at The Cravory.

Here’s Chef Derek making our cookies:

Our creations which we got to take home:

Now I’m really craving a cookie…

You can read my first visit here.

The Cravory
3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110

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8 comments on “The Cravory Revisits”

  1. I remember seeing them at the LJ FM all those years ago. Didn’t they have a different company name back then (I thought it had numbers or something). I agree w/ Jinxi that I thought the cookies looked a too soft. That’s fun that you had the opportunity to create your own. Do they still have that option for the public (I remember their website offered it a long time ago). I see a cookie dough ball w/ bacon – did you try that one?

    • yes they originally had a diff name, I cant recall what it is anymore. I dont think you can create your own flavor normally, but they have so many flavors to choose from everyday. Yes, we did try one with bacon but I actually didn’t really like it. I’m not a fan of bacon with desserts.

  2. Not sure my previous comment went through. If it did, sorry!

    It’s neat to see the other ‘uncommon’ flavors, like halo halo. Interesting incorporation of the red beans (although I don’t like those myself) in the cookie. They had the main flavors spot on. Kudos to them for going out on a limb with the halo halo flavor!

    TC’s favorite was the Birthday Cake while Bert liked the Caramel Sutra; I liked the Almond Joyous!

    Their set up here is so cute!

    • Hmm, I dont see any other comment from you so good thing you left this one! I am impressed with how many flavors they have and are continuously creating. And I love how most of the cookies taste so true to the flavor too, which isn’t easy to create.

  3. Wow! The cookies look so awesome! I wish I was a famous food blogger and people were offering me free cookies. *sigh

    • Just to be clear, only the halo ones and the customized ones from the event were free. the other ones are ones I bought on other visits. And they do provide free smaller samples to everyone who goes in to buy their cookies, you don’t have to be a blogger!

  4. The first time I tried these cookies was at the stand in La Jolla farmer’s market… and I wasn’t too impressed that time, I think I thought the cookies were too soft? But now I’m up for a second try, especially since they have a brick-and-mortar shop. The halo halo sounds so yummy! I’m glad that they’re introducing more “exotic” flavors and look forward to seeing what else they’ll be incorporating into a cookie!

    • My first experience at the Farmer’s market was so-so. But then I really grew to like them, especially when they can create other dessert flavors in their cookies. I would def recommend trying out their shop, they have so many flavors, I’m sure you will find one you love. Plus they always offer samples too before you buy