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The Cravory, which has been a popular vendor at San Diego farmers’ markets, recently opened up its first store front. With my sweet tooth, I’ve always enjoyed the countless cookie creations The Cravory has to offer and couldn’t wait to go check out their new space.

The front entry has a quaint and endearing appeal. The customer area is small, with the majority of the store space reserved for the kitchen in the back. There are custom-built white drawers and display cabinets. It’s not your typical bakery visual, but that is what makes it so charming.

Thirteen of their cookie flavors were being offered that day. A representative of each is on display and the rest of the fresh baked cookies are tucked away in the pristine white drawers. The operation is very similar to how they have been working at the farmers’ markets. You can have samples of cookies before choosing your purchases too.

We tried our best to restrain ourselves on this first visit, ordering four of their fresh baked cookies: Almond joyous, red velvet and cookies and cream.

Mr. K really loved the almond joyous so he wanted two of them. It’s packed full of sugar, coconut, almonds, dark chocolate and sea salt. It has that sweet and salty combination going for it, and it reminded me of a loaded candy bar.

We enjoyed the other two cookies as well.

The cookies here are freshly baked, soft and thick. I love the flavor variety and I’m thrilled they now have a physical store with pretty long hours (Monday -Thursday from 10 am- 6 pm and Friday – Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm). We plan on making many more trips back.

And for another perspective, check out Pink Candles at Ridgemont High’s post here!

The Cravory
3960 W. Point Loma Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110

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10 comments on “The Cravory”

  1. Great minds think alike! I was just there this weekend (post is up too!). The Almond Joyous was really good along with the PB Overload.

  2. Love the cravory. Do they let you try the flavors like they do at farmer’s markets? I always need to try 3 before I buy haha.

  3. Looks really good but they also look a bit sweet (if that makes sense). Did you feel this way?

    • Yes, these were definitely on the sweet side for me. And I couldn’t eat more than a single cookie at once, but I do love the creativity.

  4. Yum! I love their cookies. They always some really interesting flavors.

  5. I love their cookies. Last summer when my son was born early and I was basically living at Mercy hospital in Hillcrest for 2 months, I bought at least one a day (usually more than one) at the gas station across the street from the hospital. So yummy!! I could spend WAY too much at their physical store, though. Glad I don’t live too close! 🙂

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