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The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole is a popular pie and coffee cafe in Los Angeles, offering both sweet and savory pies.

During my last trip to LA, I stopped by their newest Pasadena store. I’d been curious for a while after hearing some really good things about their pies.

Earl Grey

I usually don’t really enjoy earl grey as I find the taste too bitter, but this is a customer favorite, so we ordered it. I quite enjoyed it. The sugary notes outweighed the natural bitterness of earl grey tea, producing a light and airy pie. It also had a layer of whipped cream and a sprinkling of crushed pistachios.

Maple Custard

The maple custard is another one of their most popular flavors. This pie had a rich, creamy and thick custard. It was supported by a buttery crust, my favorite part of a pie. I enjoyed this but found it too sweet, especially with the mix of maple and custard.

Steak and Ale

We also brought home a steak and ale pie. It was buttery, flaky with tender pieces of steak and a hint of ale.

Overall, we enjoyed our pies. I did feel it was a little pricey ($6/slice for the sweet ones, $6.75 for the steak), but the pies were pretty delicious and worth a trip if you are a pie-lover.

The Pie Hole
59 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

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10 comments on “The Pie Hole”

  1. Sad the maple custard was too sweet but wish we had a pie-centered shop like this in SD! Or maybe we do and I just don’t know about it….

  2. Despite the somewhat nasty sounding name (haha), I definitely want to go here when I do my epic bday foodcrawl with my friends…that crust looks so good!

    Funny that there is a similarly named place in Encinitas, Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon.

    I always think of the phrase, “Shut your Pie Hole!”, gosh, that sounded so gross even typing that! 😀

  3. The crust looks awesome – I love a good, thick crust. I’ve never heard of an earl grey tea pie before! It looks good with the nice thick layer of whipped cream, too.

    • Crust is always my favorite part of pie so I love a good thick one too. This crust was so perfect! I’ve never had earl grey but this really worked and I liked all the layers too.

  4. you should’ve tried the mac and cheese one!! i had that when i went to pie hole (i actually bought 3 pies, so i’d have enough to last me back down to SD). mac and cheese is really really good! cheesyness mixed in with flaky butter crust is to die for. carbs on carbs on carbs! i also had the maple one and thought it was just ok, mexican chocolate was a little better. mac and cheese is for sure the winner!

    • Gah! I was totally staring at the mac n cheese one! I was about to order it and then I asked the person at the register what savory pie I should get and she recommended the steak and ale so we got that instead. I’ll have to get it next time!

  5. Ooh the chicken & cornbread pot pie sounds really yummy! And BOY I’m guessing S will insist we check out this place next time when he sees how much whipped cream they have on the Earl Grey pie 😛

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