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photo of a cup of coffee served at Theorem

Theorem is a coffee bar concept by the owners of Portola Coffee Lab. Located next to the Portola Coffee Lab branch in Costa Mesa, the walk-up bar features a playful and creative rotation of coffee drinks. We’ve visited a few times now and each time, it was a completely different menu.

Most of the drinks are in the $7 range, which is a little pricey, since none of the drinks contain alcohol. However, they are quite fun to try.

During one visit, we went with some friends and had the Whiskey Sour, Martini, Old Fashioned, an off-the-menu drink (sorry I didn’t order it and don’t remember what it was) and a Hot Toddy.
photo of four coffee drinksphoto of a hot toddy
It was definitely interesting to taste cocktail inspired drinks mixed with coffee rather than alcohol. I thought the pairing worked in some drinks better than others.

On another occasion, they were doing a Star Wars themed menu because it was the week before the movie was released. We originally had stopped in to get some coffee from Portola but once Mr. K saw the menu at Theorem, he had to get a few drinks there too.

We ordered the Dark Side Martini and Java The Hutt cold brew. The macchiato was from Portola.
photo of Dark Side Martini, Java The Hutt cold brew and a macchiato

Overall, we had some nice visits here. The drinks are definitely fun to try though it’s not something I’d do too often as they are a little pricey.
photo of the inside of Portola

Menus from our visits:
photo of chalkboard menuphoto of the menu

3313 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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2 comments on “Theorem”

  1. I’m always excited by interesting new coffee based drinks. It seems that “mocktails” are a t hing now.