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Trader Joe’s August Edition

If you haven’t yet heard, Trader Joe’s came out with a cookie butter flavored ice cream. We went out specifically to get it last week and picked up a few other items along the way.

Cookie Butter Ice Cream

I’m a huge fan of cookie butter. I actually prefer the original Lotus Biscoff spread over the Trader Joe’s version, but Biscoff has not come out with an ice cream version of their spread (at least not in the US), so I am beyond excited that Trader Joe’s has.

The ice cream is everything I was hoping it would be— rich and creamy and studded with small softened pieces of speculoos cookie throughout. It’s absolutely delicious and I think I need to hoard a few more containers in my freezer.

Baked Lentil Chips

I have a serious chip addiction, so I’m always looking for healthier chips to snack on. These are light, crunchy and enjoyable. I only wish they had a different flavor rather than salt and pepper.

Breadsticks with Olive Oil

I also picked up these breadsticks brushed with olive oil. Nothing particularly special, but if you like olive oil flavored snacks, it’s worth a try.

Reduced Guilt Tortilla Chips

We recently have been working our way through the various tortilla chips offered by Trader Joe’s. On a previous shopping trip, we bought a bag of unsalted tortilla chips which we really enjoyed. I’ve found the regular tortilla chips to be too salty when being used with salsa so I was looking for unsalted ones but most of the unsalted ones I’ve tried are really bland. Then we got tried the ones at Trader Joe’s and they were quite flavorful. This time we decided to try this reduced fat one. No report yet as we haven’t had a chance to eat them.

That’s it for now. We kept this visit short since there was no new Fearless Flyer. Happy Monday!


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6 comments on “Trader Joe’s August Edition”

  1. Great picks this month! I didn’t care for those Lentil chips and they seemed rather stale to me, which only got worse a couple days later. I did like the Cookie Butter ice cream, though I wish it had crunchy bits! If it did, I certainly couldn’t tell. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooo, cookie butter ice cream! Yeah, I’m going to have to go get some of that! 

  3. You could make a cookie butter ice cream sandwich using Biscoff cookies! 🙂

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