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Trader Joe’s December Edition

I was really excited for Trader Joe’s December Fearless Flyer. I wanted pretty much everything featured! But I managed to show some self-restraint. Here is what I ended up buying on my latest trip.

Jingle Jangle
Jingle Jangle
This is my first time trying Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle. And I really love it. If you’re a fan of chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos, etc, this is the mix for you. It’s basically a bunch of things covered in chocolate. It definitely fits into the holiday theme of sweets and calories.
photo of a Jingle Jangle cookie tin

O Tannenbaum Crispy Potato Snacks
overhead photo of O Tannenbaum Crispy Potato Snacks
These crispy potato snacks are shaped like Christmas trees! They use spinach to make them a light shade of green. I love how crunchy they are and they taste like a healthier potato chip.
photo of a package of O Tannenbaum Crispy Potato Snacks

Crunchy Truffle Trio
overhead photo of Crunchy Truffle Trio
I love having different textures in my food, so I was excited by these crunchy truffles. The truffles are coated in Crunchy Speculoos, Caramelized Coconut, and Caramelized Pecan. The actual chocolate taste like the standard truffles that Trader Joe’s usually sells.
photo of a package of crunchy truffles

Butter Cookie Wreaths
overhead photo of Butter Cookie Wreaths
I bake and eat a lot of holiday cookies in the month of December. Butter cookies are such a simple cookie but they are one of my favorites and one of the types I eat the most of. I can stop after one or two chocolate chip cookies but I can eat about a dozen butter cookies in one sitting. I actually don’t like baking butter cookies because even though the dough only takes a few minutes to come together, piping out the shapes take forever! So I’m pretty excited at having a whole tub of wreath shaped butter cookies all to myself that I didn’t have to make.
photos of a package of Butter Cookie Wreaths

Double Crème Brie with Truffles
Double Crème Brie with Truffles
I am so excited to open up this one! I’m saving it for New Year’s Eve, but I think it should be good!
photo of a package of Double Crème Brie with Truffles

Jingle Jangle Ice Cream
overhead photo of Jingle Jangle Ice Cream
It’s Trader Joe’s jingle jangle mixed into sweet cream ice cream! It reminds me a little of Rocky Road Ice Cream. I loved all the crunchy pieces, the candy, and the sweet and salty from the pretzels.
photo of a carton of Jingle Jangle Ice Cream

That’s it for now! As always, let me know if you have any recommendations of things I missed! I love getting emails, messages and comments on what I should buy on my next shopping trip!

8 comments on “Trader Joe’s December Edition”

  1. I wanted to buy everything in the December Fearless Flyer, too! I absolutely love the Butter Cookie Wreaths–I bought three tubs and they didn’t last long. The O Tannenbaum crisps were super yummy as well. Trader Joe’s is always great but their holiday stuff is the best.

    • I think December is my fav month to shop at Trader Joe’s! They have so many good food gifts–though I mainly buy them for myself! haha

  2. I think their goat cheese log with honey is a fantastic product for people who don’t normally like goat cheese.

  3. Oh I love the Triple Cream Brie with truffles. Whenever my friend had still lived in NC, that was our go too cheese for our cheese and cupcake nights. I didn’t see any of the Jingle Jangle or the O Tannebaum in the Charlotte stores. Hopefully they will still have some after Christmas when I have time to get near there again.

    • I can’t believe I haven’t had the brie with truffles before! I’ve had some of their other truffle cheeses. Wondering if I should have bought a few more…haha

  4. Oh I’m sure you’ll love the truffle brie. It’s one of my favorite things at Trader Joes.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years.

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