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Trader Joe’s December Edition

I popped into my local Trader Joe’s the same day I got the Fearless Flyer. Unfortunately, I was a little too quick, as my store wasn’t even stocked with half of the featured products. But after two more trips, I finally got most of the items I had wanted to try.

Variety Macarons

Over the summer, Trader Joe’s came out with a variety pack of macarons, with six different flavors and shell colors. Then they stopped selling it, which was really sad. They just came out with a new one in the last few months. It’s not the same flavors as the one from the summer but I do love that there is a variety of flavors. They look so much prettier than just having vanilla and chocolate or just pumpkin.

Premium Eggnog Ice Cream

I’ve always enjoyed Trader Joe’s premium seasonal ice creams. This was my first time trying the eggnog. I personally found the eggnog taste too strong. I’m not a big fan of eggnog itself; I usually just like desserts that are eggnog flavored. Since the eggnog flavor was so powerful, I didn’t really like this seasonal flavor, but if you really like eggnog, you might enjoy this.

Frozen Kouign Amann

I’ve discussed my discovery and love for Kouign Amann at length here and here. A lot of people still haven’t heard about it, but it’s definitely becoming more popular. It’s a Breton cake that is similar to a croissant except that the layers of dough have butter and sugar. It’s baked until the exterior is caramelized. The result —when done right— is an amazingly light pastry that is really really delicious. Cathy of mmm-yoso, provided me the tip that Trader Joe’s had a frozen version, so I quickly went out to get it.

I was a little doubtful at how these would be, especially because I don’t really enjoy Trader Joe’s croissants. But taste-wise, these were actually pretty good. It’s a decent version considering it’s frozen and not fresh baked. It’s more oily than the ones at B Patisserie and Dominique Ansel and doesn’t have nearly the same amount of layers, but it does have a similar flavor and it will give you a taste of what it’s supposed to taste like. I think it is a decent substitute if you can’t get a good fresh baked version.

Look-wise, they don’t look too much like the fresh bakery version. One issue about the frozen ones is that they need to bake until they are a really dark brown, which they specify in the instructions. The fresh baked ones are usually a light golden brown. Also the bakery ones are baked inside a metal ring, which keeps the top folds in check. TJ’s version puts it in paper cupcake liners, but the cups aren’t sturdy enough to prevent the top layers from spreading, so instead of a circular puff pastry, you end up with a square shape.

Italian Truffle Cheese

This is a seasonal item at TJ and it’s currently back. I picked up quite a few so I could make my truffle macaroni and cheese and a few more dishes.

Truffle Olive Oil

I haven’t yet opened this, but I can’t wait to sprinkle some over French Fries or potato chips.

Holly Leaves

During the Fall my table was decorated with pumpkin blossoms and for the winter, I picked up these holly leaves which look so festive with the berries.

Mini Poinsettia

I also bought a teeny tiny poinsettia. I wanted something small and TJ offered the smallest one I could find. For some reason though, they dusted it with sparkles, which I don’t really care for and I have to keep reminding myself it’s real and alive.

Fig Butter

I’m still waiting to dig into this one as well.

Brioche Toasts

I love these mini toasts. They are so cute and perfect for making pretty appetizers. I’m saving these for New Year’s Eve.

This was my December haul from Trader Joe’s. Let me know if I missed something important! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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16 comments on “Trader Joe’s December Edition”

  1. Wait I love that you review Trader Joe’s products! I always want to buy their new items but sometimes they are not so great. And I thought the DKA was already soo oily, these must be verrrry buttery.

  2. Kirbie & Cathy
    I’ve had a kringle before. 🙂

    Here is an OLD post of mine from ’07:

    It was sent to my dept from these young folks (SAT vendors) who were from Wisconsin. They gave all of their clients Kringles and also because they were missing “a taste of home”. that was such a nice gesture.

  3. I couldn’t resist the fig butter. I’ve had it with toast but would like to try it with warm brie!

  4. I loooove eggnog, so I need to get my hands on that ice cream. I’ve been meaning to try that truffle cheese too!

  5. LOVE the fig butter. Great filling for cookies, too.

  6. *Written by A*

    The macaroons look to die for delicious! I have actually never heard or saw eggnog ice cream before. I think I’ll make a quick run to trader joes! Thanks for sharing!

    • The macarons are pretty good for the price. I don’t remember them having the eggnog ice cream last year, but maybe I just missed it.

  7. Fuuny, I also bought the frozen Kouign Amann after reading Cathy’s post too. Now I have to go back to TJ to get some truffle cheese!

    • heh, yes go! I stocked up because it’s a good price. Put a few in my freezer for later. I need to go back for the poutine. I saw it but doubted how good it would be, but then it got good reviews so I need to go back and try it.

  8. For only about a week, all the stores had fresh Kringle for sale, made in Wisconsin and only $7. (Kringle is a crispy layered (but flat layered, not like a croissant fluffy) fruit filled large oval topped with icing). I hope they contract for more for next year; it’s a MidWest treat and very expensive to have mailed (around $45 for two). They also had a few coffee and tea items, cookies and some other things, which makes each trip to TJs a unique experience, especially if you are only stopping in to buy a half gallon of milk.