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Trader Joe’s February Edition

It’s been a while since Trader Joe’s last Fearless Flyer. Even Mr. K was wondering when the next flyer would come out. So when we received it in the mail, I was all over it, making a grocery list and visiting my local Trader Joe’s a few days after.

Bacon Cheddar Cheese

I like the combination of bacon and cheddar so this cheese really appealed to me. The cheese itself is a mild cheddar. It is studded with bits of bacon which I could taste with each bite. This wasn’t one of my favorite cheese purchases from Trader Joe’s. I would have preferred a sharper cheddar and texture was a little crumbly. I was having a hard time making thin slices. I will probably make some macaroni cheese with the rest.


This popular Canadian dish is traditionally made with French fries, gravy and cheese curds. Most of the versions I’ve come across are missing the all important cheese curds and I’ve actually never tasted a cheese curd until now. I actually saw this item back in December. I contemplated getting it for quite a long while, but after remembering multiple conversions with EJ about her frustration in trying to find decent poutine in San Diego, I put my bag back. A week later, EJ gave the Trader Joe’s version a positive review, so I knew I had to try it out.

The package comes with fries, gravy and cheese curds. You have to heat each of the items and then put it together. It’s a fairly painless process. The fries crisped up nicely in the oven and the gravy was pretty generic. What I was most interested in trying were the cheese curds. Of course I have nothing to draw comparisons to as I’ve never had a cheese curd, but these salty, squishy cheese bites were quite fun to eat. They definitely made the signature squeaky noises when I was chewing them. Mr. K and I enjoyed our first experience and will probably get it again.

Mushroom Mochi

This wasn’t in the flyer, but I saw the item near the poutine and since mochi is one of my favorite foods, I couldn’t resist grabbing a box. The savory little balls are similar to the dumplings you’ll find at dim sum, except the exterior is thicker and chewier, like a savory mochi. I really loved these chewy bubbles of goodness. They were really easy to reheat too. You can use the microwave, a steamer, or the oven.

Coconut Sugar

I’m a fan of all things coconut so I was really curious about how coconut sugar would taste. The miniscule brown grains had a caramel and nutty finish. We’ve been using it in our coffee. I will probably try baking with it at some point.

Vanilla Coconut Milk

This was one of the items that they had at the tasting area when we visited. Mr. K had some and immediately wanted to add it to our cart. I was surprised by how sweet it tasted even though the sugar level is pretty low when I looked at the nutritional content.

Double Cream Gouda

I love gouda cheese so when I read Trader Joe’s description for a creamier version, I was quite excited. Unfortunately, this one didn’t quite work for me. It had a bitter aftertaste that I didn’t enjoy.

Mushroom and Truffle Triangoli

I haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet, but it sounds promising.

So this is what I ended up getting on this trip. One of the items featured in the flyer that I did not get this time but I did get back in December is the kouign amann. If you are curious about them, you can read and see my pictures here. Let me know if I missed any must-try items! If you’re lucky enough to have a three day weekend, hope you enjoy the extra day off!


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10 comments on “Trader Joe’s February Edition”

  1. Funny, I had been wondering when I would get a new Fearless Flyer till I picked one up at TJs. I didn’t buy the poutine, but I will now after your review. I was disappointed that my local TJs didn’t have the macaron assortment, but I will check on my next trip there.

  2. Ooh I also picked up a box of the porcini mushroom & truffle triangoli, hehe, so I’ll let you know how that turned out for me. One new thing I really love is this really thin flatbread cracker (gosh I can’t recall the name now but it’s on the new products shelf…). I think it’s Sicilian-style flatbread, and they’re great on their own or with cheese! I’ll have to update you on the name of the product when I get home! 🙂

  3. I saw the mushroom mochi when I was there over the weekend and almost got it… but then I didn’t! But now I think I will. They look cute! Like little buttons.

    • I like that they have the little sear/pan fried look on top. I thought maybe I’d have to cook it to make it look like that, but it was already that way.

  4. The name of the flatbread cracker is: Pane Guttiau, Sardinian Parchment Crackers. Definitely give it a try 🙂

  5. French fries with gravy and cheese and mushroom mochi sound delicious, I did not notice them before at TJ’s but I am definitely going to check them out on my next trip to TJ’s. I am also a fan of Indian food from TJ’s – chicken masala, flatbread Tandoori Naan. Yum! Here is my list:

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