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Trader Joe’s May Edition

I recently went to Trader Joe’s to check out some of the new items featured in their Fearless Flyer as well as load up on other items that caught my eye.

Giant Peruvian Inca Corn
overhead photo of a bag of Giant Peruvian Inca Corn
What is it about oversized and mini versions of things that get us so excited? I was definitely intrigued by this product. They are meant to be like the corn nuts snack, though the kernels are humongous.
close-up photo of Giant Peruvian Inca Cornphoto demonstrating how big the corn nuts are
I was afraid these would be hard, but they are actually softer than regular corn nuts and have a more popcorn taste. I’m really enjoying these and I’ll be back for more soon.

Pastrami Style Salmon
overhead photo of package of Pastrami Style Salmon
I was really surprised at just how similar the salmon tasted when prepared with the pastrami spices. The only thing that gave away the fact that I was eating salmon was the texture. The taste was so similar though and this was a fun item to try.
close-up photo of Pastrami Style Salmon

Shishito Peppers
overhead photo of a bag of Shishito Peppers
We love shishito peppers so I was excited to see them at Trader Joe’s. I did find that the ones here were smaller than the ones I’ve purchased from other places and there was also a disproportionate amount of spicy ones.

Parsley plant
photo of a Parsley plant
Last year I bought a beautiful basil plant at Trader Joe’s. It was a great price and it flourished in my garden. I didn’t see the basil on this visit but I did see this parsley plant, which I bought to add to my garden bed.

photo of a package of Hashbrowns
We picked this up while browsing the freezer section. Mr. K and I both love our hashbrowns. We actually haven’t had a chance to cook these up yet.
overhead photo of a package of Hashbrowns

That’s it for now! Have a great day everyone!

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8 comments on “Trader Joe’s May Edition”

  1. I love those frozen hash brown squares! They fry up and bake up real nice. I need to try the salted inca corns! YUM!!

  2. I just found your blog and love it! It does freeze up my browser though, but I think its because I want to click on everything at once, yep, Im a fan!
    My question, do you have a post on your garden? I want to start a container garden and feel clueless as to where I should start. Thank you!

  3. We were at TJ yesterday! Co worker got the hash browns too. Did you see the frozen chocolate and frozen almond croissants? I was tempted to get those for sis as you let the raw dough thaw overnight and then bake in morning.

    • I had those croissants before. They are pretty good, but I hate having to think ahead of time with the overnight thing. haha.

  4. Not sure which Trader Joe’s you usually visit, but I went to the one at Grossmont Center over the weekend and they seemed to have so many more things than my usual TJ’s (which is Scripps Ranch). Damn my small-ish Trader Joe’s, haha. I love the giant corn – I also like how it’s not too crunchy and has the perfect amount of salt.

    • Oh interesting. i went to the scripps ranch one. I actually used to go to the La jolla one and it was always out of all the Ff stuff and it’s so small. and then I went to Scripps Ranch and they had so many more things and it was so much bigger. lol! but now I want to try the grossmont one

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