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Trader Joe’s May Edition

Sharing the latest new products I tried from Trader Joe’s this month, including baked cheese bites, brussels sprouts tortilla chips, chocolate chip milk rolls and more.

If you are looking for some low carb finds, they are listed at the end of the post!

Tortilla Chips Seasoned with Brussel Sprouts, Garlic Onion & Parsley

These chips are described as Brussels sprouts flavored tortilla chips. I think the Brussels sprouts flavor is very mild. They taste more vegetable chips to me, but I wouldn’t necessarily guess Brussels sprouts. I did enjoy them though.

Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait

Trader Joe’s previously began offering French-style milk rolls and now they also have a chocolate chip version.
The rolls are soft though they need to be heated up. I like the addition of the chocolate chips because they remind me of chocolate croissants.

Jerk-Style Plaintain Chips

I was searching for this during my April trip but couldn’t find them. However, this time it was in stock!
The jerk-style seasoning gives these plaintain chips a lot of flavor, though it’s a little on the salty side. They are tasty though.

Caramel Bites

These are basically mini stroopwafels. As you may recall, Trader Joe’s introduced their version of the Dutch treat back in December. We quite enjoyed them but haven’t seen them available since the holidays, but luckily we found this mini version which tastes just as good. The waffle cookies are crunchy with a caramel filling that creates a softer chewy center for the cookies. These taste great paired with coffee.

Low Carb Food Finds at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

Baked cheese bites have become a popular low carb snack, so I’m not surprised Trader Joe’s came out with their version. They are crispy, cheesy and great for snacking. The Trader Joe’s version is a little cheaper than some stores, but Costco also sells a version that’s even cheaper and tastes very similar.

Raw Almond Butter

I love eating raw almonds so I was excited to find that Trader Joe’s offers a raw almond butter as there are not many raw almond butter products out there. The consistency is quite nice and it wasn’t difficult to stir it up. I’ve been using this for toast and for baking with good results.

That’s all for now! As always, please share any new products you love from Trader Joe’s so I can hopefully try them soon. You can also find all my previous Trader Joe’s posts here.

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5 comments on “Trader Joe’s May Edition”

  1. We just tried the milk bread rolls with chocolate chips. I want to buy another package, ha ha. They are so good! They also remind me of te rolls from Cream Pan. I also bought the jerk style plantain chips last month. I actually didn’t realize it was jerk seasoned until later. All I remember was “plantain chips” on the package. Bert likes them a lot more. The jerk seasoning is a bit too strong for my liking.

    Love your Trader Joe’s monthly posts! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. We need one in Middletown va we are building up over 60 acres of new homes please be one of our retail stores!!!

  3. You should really qualify this as “new to (you),” the cheese bites have been around for over a year, the stroopwafels may have been introduced in December but have been popular items for over a decade, and the almond butter was introduced four or five years ago. If you would like to truly highlight new items for the past month, any employee should be able to help you find good ones to highlight.

    • My Trader Joe’s series is a monthly post I’ve been writing for several years and has always been a mix of products featured in the Fearless Flyer and new-to-me products. The introduction of this post states “new products I tried from Trader Joe’s this month,” not “new products this month at Trader Joe’s.” The cheese bites were featured in this May’s Fearless Flyer. The stroopwafels may not be new but Trader Joe’s introduced their version in the December fearless flyer.