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Trader Joe’s October Edition

October is here! I look forward to Trader Joe’s October Fearless Flyer every year. They always have so many pumpkin products and other creative Fall treats.
overhead photo of ice cream cones

I am a little surprised that this year’s October edition isn’t as pumpkin heavy as before. The previous few years, Trader Joe’s seemed to go pumpkin-crazy, coming up with a pumpkin version of almost everything, ranging from pumpkin flavored bagels and yogurt to pumpkin body butter. And while they still have more pumpkin items than any other grocery store I’m aware of, they did seem to tone it down this year. I didn’t see many new items– just the return of a lot of past ones.

Joe’s Pumpkin O’s
photo of a box of Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's
This is my first time getting these. I thought they had a great balance of spices and pumpkin flavor and while they are sweetened, they didn’t taste too sugary. They make a good breakfast or snack.
close-up photo of pumpkin O's

Pumpkin Ginger Hold the Cone
overhead photo of Pumpkin Ginger Hold the Cone
Aren’t these mini cones just adorable? I couldn’t get over how cute these are. This is my favorite purchase from this recent shopping trip.
photo of package of Pumpkin Ginger Hold the ConeThe crispy ginger flavored cones pair really well with the pumpkin spice ice cream. Every bite is filled with all the spices I associate with Fall. I really enjoyed these and plan on getting some more.

Organic White Truffle Potato Chips
overhead photo of Organic White Truffle Potato Chips
I love snacks flavored with truffle oil. I recently purchased some truffle flavored chips from a different brand that were very disappointing. They were very salty and I couldn’t taste any truffle essence.

Thankfully, these chips did not disappoint. They have a very strong truffle flavor and I really liked them.

Peanut Butter Roundels
photo of a package of Peanut Butter Roundels
These remind me of fancy peanut butter cups. The round chocolate patties are filled with creamy peanut butter. They come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate variations.
overhead photo of Peanut Butter Roundels cookies
close-up photo of Peanut Butter Roundels cookies

Pumpkin & Roasted Pepitas Cookies
overhead photo of a package of Pumpkin & Roasted Pepitas Cookies
These are thin, crispy wafer-like cookies. I was a little disappointed with the packaging as most of the delicate cookies were broken, but they tasted fine.
close-up photo of Pumpkin & Roasted Pepitas Cookies

Spud Crunchies
overhead photo of a package of Spud Crunchies
This is a new item at Trader Joe’s and they remind me of the Japanese Calbee potato snacks. They look like fries and they do taste like a chip-version of fries.
photo of Spud Crunchies spilling out the package

That’s it for now! I also picked up some decorative pumpkin gourds along with some pumpkin tree bunches. The buy the pumpkin tree bunches every year for my dining table. One of these years, I plan on growing some in my garden.

As always, please let me know if there is something you think I should try! I love getting suggestion and reading about what other people are buying.

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  1. Riced cauliflower stir fry is a staple. So versatile, nutritious, and tasty!

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