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Tutti Frutti- Cute and Yummy!

Tutti Frutti
8855 La Jolla Village Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037



I am a big fan of the yogurt craze.  Though I worry with so many of these places popping up now, how long will they last?  Anyways, I love the self-serve yogurt places the best.  I love trying various flavors and I love putting on all sorts of toppings.  Most of the time, I go to Yogurt World or Yogurtland.  However, when I saw the opening of Tutti Frutti in the Whole Foods and CVS plaza, I was super excited.  I visit this plaza every weekend, meaning I could get my yogurt fix every weekend without having to go out of my way to specifically go get yogurt.  I tried this place for the first time before their grand opening and have been back every weekend since!  It’s definitely not a sit down and hang out yogurt place like the popular Yogurt World. But it offers some yummy flavors and yummy toppings, and the best part of all: it’s only $.33/oz!  I believe Yogurtworld is .38/oz.  The parking situation is also much better than Yogurtworld.  Yes, there are some toppings and flavors I miss from my other yogurt joints (I have yet to find one that has everything I want), but the easy access and cheap prices has made me a fan and frequent customer of this new little shop!

They have cute cups with the store name.  I do wish they had a smaller size cup though.  I’m sure they put out big cups on purpose, making customers fill up more!

They have a huge variety of flavors.  I love the taro.  It’s not too tart.  The other fruit flavors are pretty good too.  Some of the flavors change from time to time, but it seems like the popular ones are always there.

Picture 1028

Picture 1019Picture 1020 Picture 1021 Picture 1022 Picture 1023 Picture 1024 Picture 1025

They have a pretty big offering of toppings, though most I don’t put in my yogurt.  I usually like the fresh fruits and jellies.  They are missing my nata de coconut chunks which are usually offered.  I miss those. =( I like the dried fruit toppings here though, which a lot of loctions don’t carry.  I also miss the canned lychees.

Picture 1029
Picture 1030

I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to this place, with so many yogurt places now available to choose from.  But if you are in the area, I would definitely recommend popping in to get your yogurt fix.


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2 comments on “Tutti Frutti- Cute and Yummy!”

  1. (i mean for both posts not just this one. such clear detail makes me want to eat it all. props to your cameraman!)

  2. what nice pictures!