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K Sandwiches- King of Vietnamese sandwiches?


K Sandwiches

7604 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111

Usually when I want a sandwich, I want something with lots of layers of thick meat and other ingredients.  Vietnamese sandwiches are nothing like that, but for some reason, are still extremely appealing.  Something about the meats inside, mixed with the pickled daikon and carrots, makes a wonderful, addicting combination.  Most of the vietnamese sandwich places I have been to are all about the same quality-wise.  Some are a little oilier, some have a little less meat, etc. For the most part, I don’t have a preference of which I go to because none have really stood out –until now.

K sandwiches is a fairly big vietnamese sandwich shop.  The prices are slightly lower than most, with the most popular sandwiches being priced at about $2.75.  And you definitely get a lot more than at most sandwich shops. For instance, their bread is much longer, and they have more meat inside.  (Still not tons like an american sandwich, but more than the typical vietnamese sandwich.)

Picture 993

Picture 994

The service is fast and efficient.  And they also sell other goodies too! They make fresh spring rolls, their own french baguettes and giant croissants.  They even have chocolate croissants! For $1 each!!


They also sell some other vietnamese snacks and desserts that I’m not that familiar with.



I’m not saying the sandwiches here are gourmet, or 5 star. But compared to the lot of other vietnamese sandwich shops, this place definitely stands out for its lower prices, more for your money sandwiches and other bakery offerings.

The shop also has some tables so you can sit and enjoy your sandwich and maybe get a boba drink as well.  They also have free wifi for those who feel the need to be on their smart phones at all times (like my brother).  Below are some more photos.

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