Kirbie's Cravings


If you live in or are planning to visit San Diego and surrounding areas and love Vietnamese food this is the collection for you! We love Vietnamese Cuisine and share our experiences exploring Vietnamese restaurants and markets. Check out the delicious tropical fruit at the Fruit Shop, the amazing spring rolls at Brodard Restaurant, and the Pho at Pho Ban Mai and all the other places we’ve visited!

Shank & Bone

K Sandwiches


Nom Nom Bento

T.P. Banh Bao 3

Char House

Baguette Bros

Food Shop at Sovereign

Pho Ban Mai

King Eggroll

Que Huong

K Sandwiches- Cronuts/Glazed Croissants

Pho Cow Cali Express

Spotted Cow

Mignon Pho + Grill

Boiling Crab

Oxtail Pho at Pho Lu

Vien Dong

Que Huong (wild boar meat and more)

Brodard Restaurant (The best Spring Rolls)

Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant

Nam An

Hoai Hue

Que Huong Restaurant revisit