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Que Huong (wild boar meat and more)

Recently the family and I went to Que Huong to feast on hard-to-find protein dishes like wild boar meat, quail, goat and more. I’ve been to Que Huong a few times (you can read about it here, here and here), and have always enjoyed their food, especially the addictive fish sauce wings.

The dining space is quite large, perfect for a big group.

Each person in our group chose a dish:

Mango salad

I had this really good papaya salad on one visit, though I can never find it on the menu. I asked about it and the waiter told me that they didn’t have papaya that night but they could make a mango one. The mangoes are tart, so don’t expect a sweet salad. The spicy sweet sauce is what makes the salad stand out though. Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy this one and it was gone in no time.

Fish sauce wings

The wings are crispy and glazed with fish sauce. They have other types of glazes as well, but our favorite is the fish sauce wings. We even ordered them for Superbowl Sunday this year.

Roasted Quail

There was a light sweet glaze on the quail and I was happy to see the quail was actually quite meaty.

Crab with tamarind sauce

The owner told us they were having a party later on that night and had to order a tank full of live crabs so that night they were doing a special for $19.99. The crab was pretty big, about 2 lbs. It was enough for everyone to get their hands dirty.

Goat curry

I really enjoy the coconut curry that they make here and have liked almost any protein they put in it. The goat was tender and actually not very gamey.

Clams with basil sauce

Grilled wild boar meat

Finally, the piece de resistance.This was the last dish we were served as it took up some room and prep. First came the raw ingredients, then out came the grill. Thin slices of wild boar meat filled one plate. A second plate contains all the ingredients to add to your spring roll.

Here is the plate of spring roll wrappers. A hot bowl of water is provided as well. To make the spring rolls, you quickly run the hard rice paper through the water to soften. Place it on your plate, add in your desired ingredients and sauce and then roll it up. This was fun though none of us were able to make a spring roll pretty enough to be presented.

FH and I had briefly met the owner during our second trip to Que Huong. And to our surprise, he still remembered us! In fact, his memory was really good. He remembered my name (which I don’t even recall telling him), told me he had read my post (I also don’t remember telling him about my blog), and remembered a lot of the dishes we had ordered the night we met.

To end our meal, he presented us with a complimentary dessert: strawberries drizzled with chocolate sauce.

We had a good time here and liked trying all the dishes.

Pink Candles at Ridgemont High has also been here a few times and you can read her posts here, here, here, here, here and here.

Que Huong Restaurant
4134 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 283-1792

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9 comments on “Que Huong (wild boar meat and more)”

  1. I love their wild boar dishes! I had the mango salad last time and the owner told me that he gets the green mangoes from a particular place (can’t remember) since it’s hard to find actual green-fleshed mangoes here.

  2. How do you rate the quail? I love it but I rarely see good quail.

    • I didn’t think it was the best I’ve had, but it was pretty good compared to other places I’ve ordered it in SD.

  3. I wish my family was more like yours

  4. The wings look so tiny!!

    What does wild boar taste like? Is it just gamier than regular pork? The set up looks like a fancy version of the 7 Course beef I sometimes get.

    Have a good weekend 🙂

    • The wings are tiny, but then all the quail wings I’ve eaten are small. hehe.
      For some reason wild boar reminds me more of beef rather than pork. It tasted like a gamier beef.
      I haven’t had the 7 course beef before anywhere. One of these days I need to try it.

  5. Sounds like your family had an awesome feast! No crocodile this time? 🙂 Their coconut curry is delicious as well as their quail and fish sauce wings. I really like their jackfruit salad here too.