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Que Huong

Two weeks ago, I had a ladies’ blogger lunch meet-up at Que Huong, one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego.

It’s a perfect spot for a large group setting because they have several round tables and quite a diverse menu. Our lunch group included CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, Cathy of mmm-yoso, Carol of CAB Cooks, Darlene of My Burning Kitchen, Jinxi of Jinxi Eats and Mary of This Tasty Life.

Cathy, Carol and CC took charge of ordering, making sure to touch on all of the dishes the restaurant is known for since there were a few people in the group who had never been here.

Vietnamese Crepe

The thin crepe was stuffed with bean sprouts, pork, shrimp. It’s a little hard to eat once you cut into it, but still enjoyable.

Pork and Shrimp Jackfruit Salad

This has always been one of my favorite dishes here and was one of the highlights for most of the group. It’s served with a giant sesame rice chip on top.

Fish Sauce Wings

These are some of my favorite wings in San Diego. I always get these when I visit and I’ve even gotten a few take-out orders for past Superbowl viewing parties. The wings have a light and crisp skin and are flavored with a sweet and savory fish sauce.

Wild Boar with Lemongrass & Red Pepper

This was similar to the jackfruit salad, but with a gamey wild boar meat. I enjoyed it but preferred the jackfruit salad.

Pepper Grilled Frog Legs

The frog legs were simply seasoned with pepper . You could see the legs in their entirety, so this may not be a dish for the squemish.

Hanoi Style Grilled Red Snapper Cake

Another one of my favorites. The battered and fried fish is seasoned with dill and comes out on a sizzling platter. It’s accompanied with rice noodles, lettuce, pickled vegetables and herbs.

Salt and Garlic Fried Shrimp

I actually didn’t end up sampling this one, but there is a very similar Chinese version.

Tamarind Wings

Similar to the fish sauce wings, but rolled in a sweeter tamarind sauce. I prefer the fish sauce wings.

Overall, I had another enjoyable meal here, as always. And it was fun to be able to order so many dishes at once. I enjoy the diverse menu and the staff is always friendly.

You can read CC’s account of our lunch visit here.

Que Huong
4134 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105

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13 comments on “Que Huong”

  1. Thanks again for organizing this, Kirbie! It was fun trying all of the dishes since I had only tried one thing from here in the past and it was “meh”. Definitely have to order from that bigger menu! I loved the lazy susan, it was great for our large party.

    • the menu can be intimidating if you don’t know what to order. I’ve been really lucky that each time I’ve gone, it’s always been with experienced people so I’ve always had such good meals here. Glad you could make the lunch!

  2. hi kirbie – thanks for organizing this and thanks for allowing me and the C’s to order…remember a few years ago when we had the snails? I liked the broth it was in but not the snails themselves. 🙂 this was definitely an EPIC meal!

    the crepe does use rice flour and yes turmeric is used to color the batter. their version seems more “eggy” (but it doesn’t have egg) and not as crisp as others i’ve had.

    • I wonder if maybe they use an egg along with the rice flour. There are some Chinese dishes that do a rice flour pancake but also use egg to help hold it together. Or maybe the yellow color was just influencing what I thought I tasted. Oh well. It was an epic meal. Thanks for taking charge in ordering!

  3. I really have to try this place – everything sounds so yummy. The crepe (banh xeo) is not made with egg; I believe there’s tumeric and mung bean in the batter to give the yellow color.

    • You know I was wondering about the crepe. When I read the description it read rice flour, but I could have sworn it tasted like an omelet. But maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. You should definitely give this place a try!

      • traditional banh xeo do not include any eggs. the batter is made of rice flour, turmeric, water, and a thick canned coconut milk to make the batter. while it may taste like it has eggs, there are none in the recipe for banh xeo.

  4. Oh this lunch was good, both company and food. Thanks again for getting us together!

  5. I would love to join ya’ll one of these days! Here is what I imagine, the food comes out and everyone whips out their cameras! Hehe! The crepe (banh xeo), red snapper, and fish sauce wings are the ones I would like to try!