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King Eggroll

King Eggroll is one of my favorite spots to revisit when I go back to the Bay Area. My siblings and I have developed a tradition to go at least once a year, usually around Christmas or New Year’s. After introducing Mr. K to the famed egg rolls a few years ago, he’s become just as addicted.

The popular Vietnamese-owned chain has four locations. It offers some dim sum items, fast food Chinese, but where it makes most of its money is with its egg rolls and fried chicken. People order trays of each and they are a very popular potluck party food.

We are more a fan of the egg rolls than the chicken. The chicken is crunchy but lacks seasoning and is a tad expensive at $.70 a piece for a small wing.

The egg rolls here are so popular because they are light and crispy and have a very flavorful filling: a mixture of shredded vegetables, glass noodles, ground meat, and salt and pepper seasoning.

We usually buy a 30 piece tray, eat quite a few, and save some leftovers which we reheat by pan-frying or putting in the toaster oven.

If you’re in the Bay Area for a visit, it’s definitely worth a try.

King Eggroll

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6 comments on “King Eggroll”

  1. I love when you’re in the Bay Area and you write a review. Kind of makes me feel like I am actually there at home but then I realize I am actually in So-Cal.

    Anyhow, King Eggroll is always a classic. Last time, there were many feathers left on my chicken but I guess that’s what it gives it character!

    • wow feathers? haha. I have quite a back-up of Bay Area posts I need to write from my last few times home. I always take photos but don’t always have a chance to get around to blogging about them.

  2. Love King’s Eggrolls. We found one of their stores at the Gilroy Outlets and so we picked up a tray on our way up to the Bay Area. Yum!

  3. I love egg rolls too! Do you like any egg rolls in San Diego?