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Union Fare Gastrohall and Bakery

photo of the outside of Union Fare Gastrohall and Bakery
During our trip to New York, I really wanted to check out Union Fare Bakery which is located in the Union Fare Gastrohall. The bakery is famous for their creative croissants, with flavors like cookies n’ cream, birthday cake, red velvet and more.
photo of the croissant display
photo of pastries in a display case
photos of cookies
Everything looked so delicious in the display case. We decided to try one of each of the croissants and a cookie as well.
photo of the menu

Aren’t these croissants pretty?
overhead photo of different kinds of croissants
The one with the pink-purple dusting is birthday cake. It has funfetti sprinkles baked into the dough, crushed rainbow sprinkles dusted on top, and a light mascarpone filling with sprinkles mixed in. The green one is matcha green tea. The black and white one is cookies and cream. And the glossy one is crème brûlée.
photo of sliced croissants showing the different fillings
Not only are these croissants beautiful, but they tasted good too. I wasn’t expecting much, but the croissants were flaky and crispy. And even with the filling, they weren’t overly sweet. My favorite was the birthday cake.

Matcha Green Tea Cookie
photo of Matcha Green Tea Cookie
We also got a matcha green tea cookie. I love the dusting of matcha powder and the chewy texture.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Union Fare Bakery. I wish we had room to try more items but I was happy that the croissants not only looked good, but actually tasted good too.

Union Fare Bakery
7 East 17th St
New York, NY 10003

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2 comments on “Union Fare Gastrohall and Bakery”

  1. Wow, we SO need a bakery like this in San Diego! 

    I had similar filled croissants at Breadologie in Granada Hills. They had strawberry peach, cookies and cream, blood orange, and honey coffee (with homemade honeycomb). 

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