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RakiRaki Pokirrito Little Italy

photo of the outside RakiRaki Pokirrito Little Italy
RakiRaki and Pokirrito recently softly opened their second locations in Little Italy. The hugely popular original locations are adjacent to each other on Convoy Street, but at this new location the two restaurants share one roof and a communal dining space.

I was pretty excited for the opening of the second location and was recently invited in to check them both out. It’s been a few years since we’ve visited RakiRaki since the lines are always so long. Hopefully this second location will ease some of the congestion. We have been to the original Pokirrito several times now and they serve my favorite poke bowls and sushi burritos in San Diego.
photo of the decor inside RakiRaki Pokirrito Little Italy
While the restaurants are under the same roof, you do still order at separate counters, and then choose a seat in the joint dining space. I really like the decor of the new space, with artwork from a local artist which seems to align with the energy of Little Italy.
photo of the menu at RakiRaki Pokirrito Little Italy
As someone who has the hardest time choosing one thing, I love the concept of choosing from two menus. Now I can satisfy my cravings for a poke bowl and ramen at the same time!

Black Edition Jukusei Fermentation Hakata Tonkotsu with Prime XO Flame Blistered Underbelly
Black Edition Jukusei Fermentation Hakata Tonkotsu with Prime XO Flame Blistered Underbelly
I’ve become a little obsessed with black garlic oil and was really excited to see this fermented black garlic option. The broth was rich and creamy and the black garlic oil and sesame really rounded out the flavor profile. This will be perfect with the cold weather coming.
close-up photo of Black Edition Jukusei Fermentation Hakata Tonkotsu with Prime XO Flame Blistered Underbelly

Popcorn Chicken Karaage
Popcorn Chicken Karaage
I remember really enjoying the karaage at RakiRaki previously, so it was great to see that it is still as good as I remember. Large chunks of boneless chicken, fried until crispy and served with a ponzu dipping sauce.

Frozen Kirin Beer
Frozen Kirin Beer
I’ve seen frozen Kirin beer in Kirin ads and have been so curious so I was excited to see it offered at RakiRaki/Pokirrito. The cold beer is topped with frozen foam for an extra cold beer.

Kauai Sands
Kauai Sands
This sushi burrito was loaded with Alaskan Salmon, Ahi Tuna, crab meat, cilantro, broccoli slaw, tamago, butter lettuce, lotus chips, masago, jalapeno crunch and tempura flakes. I loved all the layers of textures and flavors. We’ve been working our way through the sushi burritos and this one may be my favorite one so far.

Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl
I also couldn’t resist ordering a poke bowl. If you follow my social media, you know how much I love poke bowls. I eat them at least once a week and Pokirrito still serves my favorite one as I really enjoy the golden ratio poke sauce they use for the fish. We got the regular size since we already had so much food. We chose tuna and octopus and got all the toppings. And we topped it with spicy aioli.

Overall, we had a great meal here. We enjoyed the vibe of the new spot and love that this location combines both restaurants. If you don’t like dealing with the parking and long waits on Convoy, it’s a great option and we’ll definitely be back.

Photo of the menuPhoto of the menuphoto of the menuphoto of the menu

Please note, as discussed above, we were invited in to try the new location and our meal was complimentary. All opinions remain my own.

RakiRaki Pokirrito
2254 India St
San Diego, CA 92101

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