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Vanilla Rum Cake- Rum Cake Lounge

Isn’t this cake pretty? I love the bundt cake shape and wish I owned this pan. Recently I purchased a cake from Rum Cake Lounge. While the company is based in San Diego, they only do orders online.

I had gotten one of those coupon deals from one of the many services out there. I can’t quite remember which one but I think it was Living Social. The website for Rum Cake Lounge has a cute theme and they offer several flavors of rum cakes.  Each of their cakes comes in 43 oz or 2 oz portions, with the 43 oz potion currently priced at $29.95.

I chose a vanilla rum cake because I tend to like the original classic flavors the best. A few days later, my cake arrived in this cute box.

Inside the cake was sealed in plastic. When I opened it, the cake was quite moist and I had to be careful not to stick my finger through it while removing it and setting it out on a plate.

I took a few quick pictures before serving it to my guests. The inside of the cake is quite pretty too. That dark section is a layer of cake soaked in rum. I mean soaked. One bite was like drinking a shot of rum.

Overall, I found that the cake was too strong on the rum taste for my preference. I prefer rum cakes that have a light rum taste and a rum glaze, but this cake was more booze than cake. If you do like your cakes heavily alcoholic, you may want to give them a try. The cakes do make a pretty gift.


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6 comments on “Vanilla Rum Cake- Rum Cake Lounge”

  1. Wonderful creativity! That would give a stingy yet sweet twist of a rhum.

  2. We hand bake a delicious rum cake that is lighter on the rum taste, though we do use real rum and double hand glaze it. We also top our cakes with walnuts for a delicious crunch. We package our cakes in a pirate themed box, which you can see on our website. If you are ever in the mood to try a rum cake again, check out our website. You can use the discount code KBDS010 to get 10% off. Thanks

  3. I too have ordered cakes from and they were all excellent! They have an assortment of creative flavors for all tastes, and have never disappointed as tres classy gifts for friends and family all over the country. I highly recommend the chocolate peanut butter and the white chocolate raspberry! The strong rum flavor is actually a good thing in my opinion :-). Check them out.

  4. Hi Kirbie & FH, I am one of the owners of Rum Cake Lounge. We were disappointed to hear you thought our Vanilla Creme Chantilly was a little too strong in rum flavor for your liking. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order, so we’d like to offer you a discount for your next purchase of 20% off. Please contact us via our web address at, and I will send you a code to redeem at checkout. We are happy to hear that you like our website and that you think it makes a nice gift — especially with the holidays fast approaching. We think you will enjoy one of our other flavors, as those contain chocolates and fruits and perhaps the rum flavor is not as prominent for your palate. We hope you will give us another try, and perhaps update your blog.
    Thank you. Olivier M. – owner of

    • Thanks for your comment and your interest to keep your customers happy. Thanks for offering the 20% code. I will keep it in mind for next time.

  5. Thank you Kirbie and FH for your review.
    Yes, our Vanilla Creme Chantilly rum cake is stronger in flavor, because it does not have any other ingredients such as our fresh fruit, chocolate or nuts. Please try our “White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl” or the “Mandarin Orange Vanilla Bean” or the “Appletini con Dulce de Leche,” etc. We believe you’ll find these flavors a little more to your liking and not quite such a strong flavor in rum. We truly have the best tasting rum cakes. We use the finest ingredients and no preservatives. We ship Nationwide, and our cakes are vacuum-packed for optimum freshness for up to 8 weeks. Our gourmet rum cakes make a very unique and lovely gift. Our flavor of the month is coming very soon, as well as our mini rum cake gift box. Please use “promo15” to have 15% off your next order, and we hope you will update your blog, as we want you, fh, and everyone to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. Thank you. Owner of

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