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Various chip flavors from Taiwan

I’m back! Though you may not have even realized I left since I had a semi-regular post schedule going. Anyhow, I’m slowly trying to catch up on life again after two weeks of vacation. I ate a lot, relaxed, and took thousands of pictures which I hope to share on this blog once things settle down.

First up, is this quick post on various potato chip flavors offered in Taiwan. This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for years because one of my hobbies is collecting and trying various chip flavors not offered in the US. This time, I made sure to take a pictures of displays and bring some chips back.

The popular brands like Lay’s, Pringles, and Doritos are available in Taiwan, but with different flavors. I like a lot of the flavors offered in Taiwan and wish they would bring them to the US. Oh well.

On this trip, I brought back Lay’s Stacked chips in flavors of chicken and seaweed. The seaweed flavor tastes basically like the seasoned Japanese seaweed snack.

I also got these bacon flavored Pringles.

Char Grilled Ribs flavored Lay’s.

Swiss Cheese. Surprisingly, these had a slight spicy kick to them and didn’t really taste like Swiss Cheese.

Seaweed flavored Baked Lay’s.

In the past, I’ve also tried crab and sushi from the Philippines. I’ve also tried vegetables and grilled corn flavors from Japan. These chips are quite addicting, probably because of the msg. Every time I open one, I can’t stop eating them until the bag is gone. Stay tuned for more Taiwan posts!

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6 comments on “Various chip flavors from Taiwan”

  1. I can’t wait to see more Taiwan posts!!!
    This is amazing with so many flavours!! I would enjoy tasting so many of them!!! I must try the ribs Lay’s and the Doritos!! I’m really jealous (have I spell correctly the word?? I’m not sure!!).
    The rarest Lay’s we have in Spain is Mojito flavour, and I really love it!!

    And, of course, what about the Kit Kat flavour there???

    • Surprisingly, no unique kit kat flavors there. Only regular chocolate. I actually went looking for the Japanese green tea ones because I heard some places like Costco in Taiwan carries it, but I didn’t find it.
      But I love all the unique chips. I wish I brought more. I came across many grocery stores that carried more variations, but always when we were traveling so I didn’t want to buy so many and carry around bags for several hours.

  2. Welcome back! You had enough posts while you were on vacation that I wouldn’t have known that you were gone if you hadn’t mentioned it in a previous post. I’m looking forward to your vacation posts.

    Looks like fun to see Lays, Doritos and Cheetos in all sorts of flavors!

    • Yeah i think people could only tell from twitter or the fact that it took a longer time for me to respond to comments and emails since I had limited internet access. I wish I could have brought back more, but chips take up so much room since you can’t squish them.

  3. ooh, i spy rilakkuma on one of the chip bags (1st chip photo, second row on the shelf)!so cute!!!!!

    i like seeing different chip flavors wherever we travel, even if it’s within the u.s. in canada, ‘ketchup’is a popular chip flavor.

    looking forward to your taiwan posts! 🙂

    • I love rilakkuma!! They were everywhere in Taiwan and all the 7-11s there were doing a promo where if you get enough purchases you get a stuffed one. I never got enough, but I kept collecting the rilakkuma stickers. I almost just went ahead and bought myself one but the ones sold were kinda pricey and the ones I liked were huge stuffed ones.

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