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Virgin America Airlines

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a really busy and long week for me so I’m going to keep this post short.

Continuing my flight entertainment and food selection obsession, I recently flew Virgin America Airlines for the first time.

It’s a low-fare airline that began service in 2007. The planes are built with leather seats and purple “mood” lighting” Each seat is also equipped with a personal entertainment system.

Dish Satellite TV is complimentary and I was kept thoroughly occupied for the entire flight with all the channels offered.

Not only can you watch shows on the plane, but you can also order drinks and food.

Unfortunately, any snacks cost extra. This is the first airline I’ve flown where there are absolutely no complimentary snacks. They do have complimentary soda and juice beverages though, which you can order from your entertainment screen.

One other interesting thing was that when they go through the safety instructions at the beginning, instead of having a flight attendant give an oral presentation, there is a video that plays on your screen, pretty much forcing passengers to pay attention to the safety instructions. The videos are actually quite entertaining and there is more than one filmed. On our flight to our destination we had a cartoon one and one our flight back they played a music video one.

I usually fly Southwest when flying within California, especially since they still allow you to check in two bags for free. However, I really enjoyed my Virgin America Airlines experience and would consider flying them again when I am traveling somewhere without too much luggage. The flight prices are usually pretty comparable to Southwest as well. Now if only they would offer some complimentary snacks…



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6 comments on “Virgin America Airlines”

  1. how is it low budget with leather seats and each seat having a personal tv entertainment system ? what do normal budget airlines offer?

    2 free bags? that is great1 i’dmake sure 1 had snacks!
    wait, so food costs but a bloody mary is free?

    why is orange juice always offered and never apple juice! have the florida orange farmers lobbyists bought the airline industry too ?

  2. I think maybe you’re referring to Virgin America, rather than Virgin American Airlines? Virgin and American Airlines are two separate competing companies. Virgin America is one of the best domestic US airlines. Certainly not what you’d call a budget airline.

  3. wait there are 2 diff airlines named virgin america and virgin americAN? that is too close and so stupid. How did they not file against one nother for trademark infringement and confusion to the masses ? BC i am confused ! One is owned by briton Richard Branson right ?

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