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What to Expect When You’re With a Food Blogger

Whether you’re married to, dating, good friends with, related to, or just spend a lot of time with a food blogger, here are some of the things you may have encountered. This list is brought to you by Mr. K. =)

1. When you’re at a restaurant and the server puts down a dish, don’t eat it! Food must be first photographed for a blog post, instagram, etc. Don’t start eating until your food blogger gives you the “ok.” Sometimes you can sneak a few fries off a plate before it’s photographed, but that’s about it.

1a. (added after being reminded in the comments) Never order the same thing as your food blogger. He/she needs a variety for the post, so you are always expected to order something different.

1b. Always be ready to share at least half of what you ordered because your food blogger wants to taste everything. Having your food blogger eat off your plate or switching plates in the middle of your meal if your food blogger likes your food more than his/hers will become a routine.

2. Your vacations will revolve around food. And not just one or two restaurants, but a crazy itinerary with 8-10 food stops a day planned. Landmarks are only incorporated into vacations if they happen to be along the way.

Beautiful view of London:

Made possible because she wanted to eat at Duck & Waffle:

3. Your vacation photos are 90% food and 10% people, monuments, landscape, etc.

4. Your hands and fingernails should be clean at all times. You never know when they’ll end up being a hand model in a photo.

5. Your house has a ridiculous amount of incomplete and mismatched tableware. Despite their plain appearance, they will be treated like fine china. They are only used on photograph days and for eating off of immediately after. They are then cleaned and stored away so that you don’t accidentally use one and break it.

6. Instead of carefully chosen artwork in your home, your walls are filled with framed menus of your best meals and food photographs taken by your food blogger.

7. Multiple meals in a short period of time is completely normal. You may think it is really strange, until you hang out with a bunch of food bloggers and see that they all do it and you’re the odd one out for thinking it’s unusual.

8. To survive these multi-meals, you’ll have to learn to control how much you eat. You can’t go all in the first stop or you’re screwed.

9. You take “food road trips.” This usually involves driving to another nearby city for a day of eating and buying food. You’ll likely need to invest in a large cooler so you can bring back all the food you don’t finish.

10. Chefs are like rock stars. You will watch them on tv, seek out their new restaurant, and swoon when you get to meet them in person and take a picture/get an autograph.

(Top Chef Richard Blais)

11. You watch a lot of food on tv: Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc.

12. Natural light will become an extremely important part of your life. When you’re at a restaurant, you’ll ask to sit by a window. You’ll eat early dinners to have good lighting. You’ll be rushing home so your food blogger can photo some recipe in her window of ideal daylight. When you are house shopping, one of your first criteria is how much natural light gets into the house.

(Dinner reservations at 5:30 so she could capture this dish in natural light.)

13. You’ll have to learn to deal with strangers staring. Normally when your food blogger is taking photos of his/her food, it’s no big deal since everyone does it nowadays. But sometimes because of bad lighting, you’ll have to get creative. You may have to block sunlight off of the dish or turn on the flashlight app on your phone to provide more lighting in dim settings. That’s when you start getting strange looks.

14. You find yourself lusting after old wood boards people have tossed because you realize it looks really nice in the background of your food blogger’s photos. Much nicer than the actual dining table you spent a small fortune on.

15. You get to be the official taste tester.

16. There is almost always something delicious in the kitchen. You may need to hide some of it away because your food blogger will try to give a lot of it away so that you don’t eat it all.

17. You are the popular person at work because you bring treats your food blogger made.

18. Sometimes you buy two of everything. One for you and your food blogger to enjoy on the car ride home, and one for the food blogger to photograph once you get home.

(Macarons are a big weakness. We always buy two of each because she can’t resist eating them in the car.)

19. You actually drink out of mason jars, with fun paper straws at home.

20. Though you’ve never used one of those cloth napkins.

21. There are also way too many mason jars at home.

22. Your food blogger will talk about “friends” he/she made that they’ve never met. Sometimes you even meet them in real life, which you are really suspicious at first, but then you realize you guys have a lot in common (food).

So what do you think? Did we miss anything?


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32 comments on “What to Expect When You’re With a Food Blogger”

  1. So true! My family hates eating with me because of it! LOL

  2. Great list Mr. K!

  3. Love this post!  Mr. K deserves a prize – ok, he has Kirbie! 🙂

  4. That was a great list. I’m sure all my friends/family would be nodding in agreement (w/ Mr K) on all points listed. 

  5. Me again, @Mary, my daughter is also “trained”  not to touch or eat anything til I’m done with my shots.

    • When my brother’s gf’s dog was living with us, even he was trained. haha. he knew not to touch any food in my photo room. he would just stare and walk around it. if it was anywhere else he wasn’t nearly as disciplined, but for some weird reason he knew not to try to touch the food sitting to be photographed.

  6. This list is hilarious and so true, especially the waiting to take a photo, planning vacations around food (geez, doesn’t EVERYONE do that?) And having  a cooler for food during food road trips, haha. I am anal about not having people order doubles of the same meal. My friends are used to my control freak tendencies. Kudos to Mr. K for this list!

  7. Haha this is hilarious! I’m sure my husband thinks all of these things, as well as “meals are almost never eaten hot, because everything cools and congeals while your food blogger is snapping a hundred billion pictures from diff angles…”

  8. Hee hee! Things become even more confusing when your food blogger randomly decides NOT to take pictures of a meal, leaving you staring at your food wondering if it’s safe to take a bite!

  9. This is awesome. Have to completely agree with nearly all of them, haha.

    And overall I’d say the pros (yummy food) outweigh the cons no?

  10. A good number of these are true (depends on whether said food blogger cooks or not)! I especially love the last one! I talk to hubby about food bloggers as if we were best friends and he should *duh* know who I’m talking about! ^_^

    • Yes it does depend on the type of food blogger you are: restaurant, recipe, etc. Yeah I get frustrated when Mr. K doesn’t know who I’m talking about!

  11. Wow!  I never knew…  Is Mr. K a writer for Letterman?

  12. Hahah… that was really, really spot on. The cloth napkins made me laugh, I buy them only for photos (though then I forget to use them) but never actually use them as napkins. Go figure. Awesome list! Jake’s kids also are now trained to not eat anything until I’m done with my photos. 🙂 

    • hee hee. Yeah we actually use a lot of the cute plates and trendy things that I buy for photos like those nice straws, mason jars, etc, but we’ve never used a cloth napkin before. yet I have a huge pile in all different colors and patterns.

  13. This is hilarious and so so so awesome. 

  14. I have a few more to add! 1) You have attended, or plan to attend a food blogger conference. 2) You love working with national and local brands because HELLO SAMPLES! 😉

  15. hahahaha!
    you are a very, very brave man, mr. k.

  16. Love the post!
    How about… not ordering the same entree because the blog would like the variety? One ends up eating half of the desired dish due to sharing…

    • Lol, I actually thought of that this morning before I read these! that is such a big one! We’ll have to go back and edit this list at some point!