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Whipped Cream Cupcakes

I have all this heavy cream sitting in my fridge that I’ve been needing to get rid of.  So when I saw this recipe for whipped cream cupcakes from justjenn recipes, I was excited to try it out.  The whipped cream cupcakes recipe calls for heavy cream and no butter, which I thought was interesting.  I also liked that this recipe wasn’t supposed to be dense like a pound cake. Almost all the cake recipes that I’ve seen using heavy cream have been described to be dense and pound cake like.

The cupcakes were easy to whip up.  I recently was finally able to get a hold of the Wilton 1m tip for frosting cupcakes. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to practice my piping skills. I know I should have probably used a buttercream frosting. So far I’ve been hesitant to use one.  First because no one in my family likes frosting, so most of the frosting gets scraped off and wasted. And second, every time I look at the buttercream frosting recipe, I just balk. I can’t seem to bring myself to make it.  I’ve baked some really heavy, not healthy desserts.  But buttercream frosting recipe seems to be one of the worst.  Plus cupcakes need a lot of frosting, so it’s not like something you can justify that everyone is only going to have one slice so it isn’t so bad.  I like eating buttercream frosting, don’t get me wrong. I just wish it wasn’t so unhealthy.

Anyway, I’ve been on the search for a healthier frosting. For these whipped cream cupcakes, I chose to use whipped cream (heavy cream and sugar) for the frosting.  I knew the fresh whipped cream wouldn’t hold nearly as well, but it was just stiff enough to work with it for piping purposes. I topped each cupcake with sugared flower petals I bought.

The cupcakes got mixed reviews. I personally didn’t love them. I’m not quite sure why.  Baby Bro and his girlfriend really liked them though.

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9 comments on “Whipped Cream Cupcakes”

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  2. I think it’s just a personal preference for me since Baby Brother really liked them. I enjoyed decorating them though!

  3. I’m sorry that you didn’t like how they tasted, but they sure are cute!

  4. I love sugar flowers! they were my favorite part of the cupcake

  5. If you use heavy cream to make whipped cream and make stiff enough peaks, it actually lasts pretty long without refrigeration. It can sit a whole day without melting. (After a day I would worry the cream would go bad) I didn’t have to refrigerate mine only because we ate them the same day I frosted them.

  6. Very sweet. Love those little sugar flowers.

  7. I also hate frosting BUT i love whip cream so this recipe looks great! How did you store these? Do you have to put them in fridge b/c of the whip cream frosting?

  8. I did get them from Do It With Icing! I love them. Going to get more. I couldn’t remember the name of the shop when I was writing this post.

  9. Did you get your little sugar flowers from “Do It With Icing”? They look like ones that I love to buy – so simple and cute. The cupcakes look awesome, too! I always think simple is better.